NexTech to Attend American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Summer Academy Meeting



July 28, 2011 – NexTech, the leader in Dermatology specific EMR (Electronic Medical Records), Practice Management and Marketing software, announces that they will be attending the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Summer Academy  Meeting in New York, NY, Thursday, August 4th – Saturday, August 6th.  The NexTech booth will be located at space number 820. 


NexTech, a proud long-time standing supporter of the AAD, is honored to be sponsoring this year’s AAD Summer Academy Meeting bags.  NexTech will be providing live demonstrations of their ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 Certitied EMR for Dermatologists and showcasing many of their newest innovations and technologies.


NexTech is excited to reveal its newest module NexReminder, which automatically text-messages patients an appointment reminder which they can use to respond back to and confirm appointments. NexTech’s AAD Summer 2011 highlights will also include a new NexTech EMR iPad app, AAD QRS integration, new imaging and advanced diagram capabilities as well as new server options.  


“NexTech is greatly looking forward to the AAD Summer Academy meeting.  We are excited to unveil our newest developments with our Dermatology EMR, and delighted to be able to be the first Dermatology EMR to interface with the AAD QRS system. It is always enjoyable to share our latest and greatest new technologies with our large Dermatology user-base.” NexTech’s Vice President of Business Development & New Technologies, Christina M. Majeed, is also a Co- Chair of the CCHIT Dermatology work group.


NexTech is dedicated to advancing Dermatology specific EMR and continues to ensure that it meets the highest standards and keeps certifications current.  NexTech Practice 2011 v 9.5 was the first Dermatology EMR to receive the CCHIT® 2011 Ambulatory EHR with an additional certification for Dermatology and was among the first to receive ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 Certification for Meaningful Use. NexTech is partnered with AAD to integrate the Academy’s Qualilty Reporting System within NexTech.


For a free demonstration of NexTech’s Dermatology EMR and its latest innovations click here or visit NexTech at the AAD Summer Academy Meeting in New York, NY, August 4th – 6th.  The NexTech booth will be located at space number 820.


About NexTech
NexTech offers fully integrated Electronic Medical Records (EMR/EHR), Practice Management and Marketing software designed specifically for Dermatologists.


A powerful and complete software solution, NexTech Practice 2011 is fully integrated EMR, Practice Management, and Marketing software designed specifically for Dermatology. With a client base of over 3,500 surgeons and physicians and 30,000 in staff worldwide, NexTech Practice 2011 is comprehensive, completely modular, and CCHIT 2011® certified. Main modules and features include Electronic Medical Records, Scheduling, Financial Accounting, E-Prescribing, E-Billing, Marketing, Inventory, Surgery Center Management, Contact Management, Lab Integration, Patient/Prospect Tracking, Procedure & Surgery Quotes, Patient Education Forms, Consent Forms, Microsoft Word Mass Merge, Reporting, Website Integration, Photo Archiving, and Links to PDAs and Smart Phones.


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