Plastic Surgery Software


Complete Integration

1 out of 2 Plastic Surgeons choose NexTech

NexTech is proud to have built its success from the support of Plastic Surgeons across the world. Since its inception in 1997, NexTech has grown to be a leader in Plastic Surgery-specific software with one out of every two Plastic Surgeons choosing NexTech’s intuitive software solution. NexTech’s fully-integrated, all-in-one Practice Management system is built to fit the needs of each practice while offering physicians a complete, modular-based system.


Continuous Innovation

Keeping clients up to speed on Healthcare Technology

NexTech’s team of skilled in-house developers works continuously to bring clients the best in healthcare technology. NexTech empowers physicians to efficiently run their practice with special software additions such as the Native iPad app which allows mobility while charting like paper and the Marketing module, a tool created to evaluate marketing tactics and build patient loyalty.


Custom Implementation

Seamlessly adapting to the practice workflow
With NexTech’s powerful and comprehensive Practice Management solution, Plastic Surgeons have the option of getting started immediately with out-of-the-box templates or customizing templates to fit the needs of the practice. As a modular software system, NexTech strives to empower physicians with the freedom of building their own healthcare IT experience by allowing them to add modules as they feel necessary.