Ophthalmology Software


Complete Integration

Experience the power of an all-in-one system

NexTech’s Ophthalmology-specific Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management software integrates seamlessly with Ophthalmology practices to yield the best results in healthcare technology. The module-based, fully customizable software is the perfect solution for Ophthalmologists looking to incorporate healthcare technology into their daily workflow while boosting efficiency and enhancing the patient experience. Our intuitive and highly dependable software is made to convert current patient data from almost any existing system and merge all documents into one fully-integrated system.


Continuous Innovation

Be ahead of the healthcare technology curveball

NexTech’s 100% U.S. based development team is dedicated to bringing Ophthalmologists the best in healthcare IT. NexTech is proud to offer physicians innovative software such as the NexTech Optical Shop which allows physicians to conduct extensive inventory management and the Eyemaginations LUMA software that transforms complex medical information into easy-to-understand patient education. Physicians can also chart like paper and go room to room with their EMR using the NexTech’s patented Native iPad app. NexTech interfaces with many ophthalmic devices and equipment including: Heidelberg Engineering, Marco, Nidek, Quantel Medical, Zeiss, Reichert and more.



Custom Implementation

Implementing your software, the way you want it
Ophthalmologists can experience the power of NexTech’s EMR and Practice Management software right out of the box with customized templates built to compliment your workflow. NexTech grows with a practice by allowing physicians to choose modules that will specifically cater to the needs of their practice and add additional modules as they see fit.