Optical Shop Inventory Software


If you are looking for an inventory system to keep track of your optical shop, NexTech Inventory Software could be the solution for your Ophthalmology practice.  This software program tracks surgery supplies, glasses and contacts, so you can focus on patients instead of worrying about inventory.

Nextech Practice 2011 is
NexTech Practice 2011 is CCHIT 2011 certified


NexTech Practice 2011


NexTech Practice 2011 EMR
Practice 2011 Ophthalmology EMR

Designed Specifically for Ophthalmology

NexTech Inventory Tracking Software for Ophthalmology Practice Management featues complete integration with our certified Ophthalmology EMR (electronic medical record) and Ophthalmology practice management software.



  • Keep up-to-date inventory counts of products on-hand with integration between the inventory and billing modules.
  • Create and track receipts for outstanding orders.
  • Monitor supplier pricing and inventory costs using comprehensive histories of purchase orders.
  • Track product expiration dates serial numbers.
  • Pop-up reminders to replenish low stock based on minimum on-hand quantity.
  • Distinguish between items that you normally charge to patients, such as glasses and contacts, and those used as part of procedure overhead.
  • Scan and create barcodes to easily receive and bill inventory.

$44,000 in Stimulus Bill Incentives

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