Electronic Medical Records NextechAs a leading provider of specialty-specific solutions, Nextech knows that offering thoughtful, thorough care is of paramount importance to today’s practicing physician.  Nextech’s fully-integrated, robust Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system is designed to reduce pain points often encountered by specialty providers, such as loss of time due to inefficiency and the speed of documenting diagnosis and treatment plans.  As a trusted advisor for personalized care, Nextech enhances productivity with easily adaptable, pre-configured templates that are built to match the workflow of each physician.

  • Maximize bill capture  while documenting an encounter on a PC or an iPad
  • Streamline treatment and safeguard against drug interactions with integrated ERx
  • Optimize documentation with smart stamping, drawing on images, and automatic dictation
  • Improve treatment plan efficiency with bi-directional lab interfaces


Streamline the prescription process and reduce errors with ERx.  This electronic prescription tool allows physicians to easily draft and renew prescription orders, customize provider favorites lists and document drug and allergy interactions to increase patient safety.

  • Fully integrated with the EMR software
  • One-screen access for all pertinent information
  • Easy tracking of drug and allergy interactions

Lab Integrations

Nextech helps physicians boost efficiency with bi-directional lab integrations that allow providers to streamline the lab order process and review lab results in the patient’s medical record. Nextech links with many the major lab companies including Ameripath/Dermpath, CBL Pathology, D-Path, DLCS, Aurora Diagnostics, Labcorp Dianon, Miraca, Plus Diagnostics, Quest Diagnostics, Skin Path Associates, and many other others.


Improve clinical documentation with pre and post treatment photo management. With NexPhoto, physicians can increase productivity by importing images directly from a digital camera or iPad, searching images based on procedures, appointment date, and other categories as well as conducting post-operational reviews in both the EMR and practice management solutions.

  • Track photos through unique barcodes created at time of import
  • Overlay images to contrast pre and post-op transformations
  • Draw directly on imported photos through iPad integration