Personalized Implementation

Dr._John_Lyon_MD_Testimonial“Training and Implementation was really easy and very natural.  The way that one thing flows into the next, it’s very logical and easy to follow.”

~Dr. John Lyon, MD, Advanced Vision Center, Laurel, MS 

Improved Efficiency

Dr.Lisa_Cassileth_MD_testimonial“With the increased capabilities that the Nextech system has such as inventory, room manager and billing through the EMR, we use it more than ever.”

Dr. Lisa Cassileth, MD, Dr. Lisa Cassileth Plastic & Refractive Surgery, Beverly Hills, CA

ICD-10 Readiness

Dr.Saif_Syed_TestimonialWe have worked very hard to have our own practice specific content for our note template in order to have a streamlined note for our practice, and Nextech's ICD-10 solution will allow us to continue to use our workflows as is, and be compliant with ICD-10.  

~Dr. Saif Syed, MD, Skin Care Specialty Physicians, Lutherville, MD 

Additional Testimonials 

"Recently I completed my residency.  The single best decision I made was to buy Nextech.  I considered less expensive software packages, but after extensive research including speaking to established practices, I was convinced.  Nextech worked with my limited budget to get the package I needed from the start.  Since then, Nextech supported me every step of the way, from hardware purchasing, EMR implementation, on-site training, and program customization.  The best part of having Nextech is the technical support.  A live person is only a phone call away, ready and capable to handle any situation."

- Guy Cappuccino, MD, Mount Airy, MD 

“We use the vast array of collected data for financial benchmarking, marketing, and clinical studies. The EMR documents all aspects of our Dermatology practice from psoriasis to injectables to cosmetic laser services. Customer service is excellent for the installation and training and educated staff have been available and receptive to questions and additional needs. We actually see our suggestions implemented.  We are very happy with this product and Nextech.”

- Emil A. Tanghetti, MD, Sacramento, CA

“Hands down, best investment of my medical career. Over the years we've cut costs and increased efficiency by implementing all aspects of Nextech.”

- Philip Miller, MD, New York, NY

“Nextech has revolutionized my very busy practice! It allows us to effortlessly schedule a large number of patients per day.  It has freed up my time and allows me to practice in a more streamlined fashion.  Nextech’s support department addresses issues like no other company...they work with you until it is right."

- Bruce Glassman, MD, Capital Dermatology, Alexandria, VA

"As the Marketing Director of a LASIK practice I need to know which campaigns generate the best return on investment.  Since our practice opened in 2003, Nextech has given us the power to do this.  By tracking both the primary and secondary referral source of every patient we can see which advertising campaigns are generating the most prospects and the most procedures.  Then we look at the total revenue generated by each campaign and compare that to what was spent on the campaign.  This fantastic tool has enabled us to justify decreasing our print advertising and increasing our internet advertising.  When you have the hard core data it is easy to make sound recommendations to the Doctor."

- Kristen Mozayeni, Director, Reza Mozayeni, MD, Charlotte, NC 

“One of the great things about Nextech is that it tracks all marketing and conversion efforts made by each staff member so you can easily find out what works and what does not.  This is how you grow a practice.  I love it!”

- Tiffany Hodges, Director of Marketing and Practice Development, Chelsea Eye & Cosmetic Surgery Associates, NY

"For over 10 years Nextech has been critical in helping me optimize and simplify the complex tasks in my practice.  I have been most impressed with Nextech’s ability to consistently innovate and adapt to our plastic surgery specialty.”

- Alan H. Gold, MD, Great Neck, NY

“In my 30 years in the medical field utilizing various software programs, I can honestly say that Nextech far surpasses any other system I have used.  I cannot say enough about the support staff; from their professionalism to their knowledge, they are superb.  This is an outstanding company and software system.”

- Denise Chase, OM for Waldman Plastic Surgery and Dermatology, Nashua, NH

“London Vision Clinic is a clinic specialised in laser refractive surgery and we have been using Nextech since 2006. The Nextech system has revolutionised our efficiency in all areas of the clinic from patient follow-up and appointment scheduling to sheer data storage of all patient communication and associated files and images.  In 2009, we went live with the Nextech EMR module and have found this to be an unlimited success; having all our patient data at our fingertips with multiple user access and the ability to access data from anywhere in the world. Gone are the frustrating days of continuously asking each other 'where is this file or that file.'  The best thing about Nextech is the extent to which it is customisable, particularly the EMR system. Once you have set up all the fields to suit your practice, it really does feel like a bespoke database that has been designed to fit your clinic alone.”

- Timothy Archer, Research Manager London Vision Clinic, London UK 

"Integrating Nextech into my Dermatology practice has been one of the best practice decisions I have made in recent years. Nextech is quite comprehensive and helps me easily manage my general, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology practice in an entirely paperless environment.  My biggest concern initially was regarding technical support, to this day support has exceeded my expectations. Thank you for the great software and the continual improvements and updates."

- Marcus Goodman, MD - Roswell, GA