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Luminous Dermatology

Santa Barbara, California


"Nextech is worth every penny. The way in which we’re able to utilize the system and the way it helps me to manage my roles as a dermatologist, pathologist and practice manager is unparalleled.”

– Dr. Bryan Gammon


Luminous Dermatology is home to Dr. Bryan Gammon, winner of the 2014 Doctors Choice Award for Dermatology in 2014 for the city of Santa Barbara, California. He and his wife, a MOHS surgeon, took ownership of the practice in January 2014 shortly after becoming Nextech clients a few months prior. The Santa Barbara clinic offers a variety of dermatological services including general dermatology, dermatopathology, cosmetic surgery and MOHS, among others. Nextech’s fully integrated solution not only provided a seamless solution suite for the practice, but it was a crucial contribution to the conversion of more than 20,000 paper charts during the initial implementation.


  • Original practice management software did not meet expectations of the providers and staff
  • Faced with converting practice from more than 20,000 paper charts to EMR
  • No integration between EMR and PM software


  • Sought fully integrated solution suite to streamline workflows and increase practice efficiency
  • Needed software to accommodate variety of dermatological services, including pathology and MOHS


  • Customized EMR templates enhanced usability and organized notes to fit providers’ exact specifications
  • Seamless integration between EMR and PM software allows providers to manage various roles with ease
  • Robust Nextech software easily translates MOHS and pathology notes into EMR without sacrificing efficiency

Nextech’s fully integrated solution easily manages all areas of the practice

When Dr. Bryan Gammon began working at Luminous Dermatology, he and the staff faced the task of not only upgrading the practice’s unsatisfactory practice management software, but also having to convert more than 20,000 paper charts into the EMR of his choosing – not an easy task. Fortunately, in September 2013, Dr. Gammon opted for Nextech’s fully integrated dermatology software. A few months later, he and his wife would take over full ownership of the practice.

So why Nextech? For Dr. Gammon, a provider who wanted to manage all areas of the practice, the integration between EMR and PM stuck out predominantly when evaluating various vendors. “One of the big selling points was the seamless integration with the practice management side,” Dr. Gammon explained. “At the time, we were considering some other vendors, but with Nextech the integration made things very easy. I could just flip over from clinical panels to the billing side in order to assess the situation financially.”


Greater efficiency and enhanced usability achieved through Nextech

Although Luminous Dermatology is a two-doctor practice, it still offers a wide variety of services to its patients, including MOHS, dermatopathology, general dermatology and cosmetic surgery. Nextech’s dermatology software is built to accommodate all of these specialties and has enabled Dr. Gammon and the clinic to not only perform their jobs well, but in a timely manner.

“I’m a pathologist, so that was an important aspect for me when selecting Nextech,” he explained. “For the first year and a half, I used Nextech as my LIS. I would build my pathology report in Nextech and didn’t need a standalone LIS. It worked really well for us as an independent practice. My wife is a MOHS surgeon, too. The ability to translate all of our old paper MOHS notes and consent forms into Nextech notes was another big selling point, too.”

“I see about 30-35 patients per day and sign out between 30-40 pathology specimens per day. I manage my PA’s notes, perform cosmetics, do all of my notes, input it all into Nextech and I leave by 5 pm everyday which speaks to how efficient the software is for our practice.”

Additionally, the ability to customize the Nextech EMR has also helped in creating even greater efficiencies for the practice as well as making the software even easier to use for the providers. According to Dr. Gammon, customizing the templates was well worth the time.

“We really took advantage of the customization you can do in Nextech. For example, we’ve customized the MOHS notes to print exactly how they used to when were on paper. It’s really helped us be more efficient in the long run. All of our customizations were more than worth time and it makes the usability of the Nextech software that much better.”

“Nextech is worth every penny,” he added. “The way in which we’re able to utilize the system and the way it helps me to manage my roles as a dermatologist, pathologist and practice manager is unparalleled.”