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Water's Edge Dermatology



"I love that Nextech incorporates all aspects of the practice from e-prescribing to documentation and even billing. None of the other EMRs I’ve worked with in the past compare to Nextech. It’s so versatile and easy to customize."

– Alissa O’Brien, MD


Stretching across the state of Florida, Water’s Edge Dermatology is providing dermatological services to thousands of patients per day. With 27 locations and 25 practitioners ranging from MDs, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, Water’s Edge had some unique challenges when evaluating various dermatology software, needing a healthcare IT vendor that would be capable of handling a large deployment to all 27 locations. Fortunately for the dermatology network, Nextech’s fully integrated dermatology specific solution addressed Water’s Edge’s unique needs without compromising productivity.


  • Inefficient photo management process because of no photo integration
  • Government mandates would have resulted in financial penalties due to lack of an EMR
  • Inability to share information easily


  • Needed a more efficient photo management solution to help streamline exams
  • Wanted an EMR that could handle the deployment to 27 locations


  • Seamless ICD-10 transition due to Nextech’s coding assistance solution
  • User-friendly design and robust features maintained high practice efficiency and comprehensive patient care
  • Integrated photo management software allows for instant importing of images to achieve greater documentation speed

Superior photo management tools

Deploying an EMR and Practice Management software within a dermatology practice isn’t a small undertaking. Implementing one in a practice that has 27 locations? That’s not an easy task. Fortunately for Water’s Edge Dermatology, the large dermatology network chose Nextech’s fully integrated software, which successfully implemented to all locations. According to Lauren Reid, the Lead Clinical Trainer, Water’s Edge took everything a few steps at a time. “We took the transition to Nextech one to two offices at a time and worked our way into it. It was pretty smooth considering the large task that was at hand.”

Instantly, Water’s Edge began to take advantage of the superior photo management tools within Nextech. Utilizing the iPad application frequently, Water’s Edge now saves more time with the integrated photo and smart stamping capabilities. “We utilize the iPad applications a lot,” Reid said. “We use them to take photos, to stamp and other things. It allows us to be more mobile.” With Nextech’s photo capabilities, Water’s Edge is able to instantly import images directly into the EMR from a digital camera or iPad and achieve high documentation speed and efficiency.


Nextech takes away ICD-10 stress

For many practices, the ICD-10 transition was a time of great stress and frustration. That is… if they don’t have Nextech. Thanks to Nextech’s coding assistance solution, Water’s Edge easily transitioned to ICD-10. “Before seeing what Nextech offered, I was apprehensive about ICD-10. I was so pleasantly surprised that it took away a lot of my stress. Nextech already had a lot of the ICD-10 codes in there and we had a lot of one-to-one matches with ICD-9 codes,” said Reid. “From a nursing standpoint, transitioning to ICD-10 has been really easy and I couldn’t imagine doing that without an interface like Nextech.”

“When you look at the ICD-10 codes they can be very intimidating,” Reid added. “What’s nice is that we can still see the ICD-9 codes along with the ICD-10 codes. If there isn’t a one-to-one match, to pick the correct code is still really simple and it takes about five seconds to find it.”

A better all-around practice

Efficiency -  it’s the one thing every practice wants to have. With Nextech, Water’s Edge has been able to maintain its high level of effiency that it achieved with its document scanning system prior to implementing the fully integrated software. And with 27 locations and providers seeing 100 patients per day at times, maximizing efficiency can make a big difference. “I think Nextech is really user-friendly. I like that you can customize it to your preferences, whether it’s the smart stamps or printing a requisition form,” Reid said. “It’s really good for Dermatology and for how our practice functions and uses Nextech, the software works really well.”

“I think it’s easier to keep track of things now. We’re more efficient when patients call in terms of seeing patient and prescription history. I can see all of their appointments very easily,” Reid added. “When we got Nextech, we evaluated how we documented and with Nextech we’re documenting better and we’re billing better. Our practice is just better all-around.”