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NexCloud Technical Requirements

NOTE: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

System Requirements

Available on these platforms:

  • Windows
  • Windows Phone
  • iOS*
  • Android*
  • Mac*

*Some limitations apply to these platforms. See “Current System Limitations” and FAQ sections for details.

Region/Location Support

Due to current time zone configuration support, only customers in states which follow the 5 primary time zones (including daylight savings time) can operate in this environment. 

Supported Regions

  • US Eastern Time Zone
  • US Central Time Zone
  • US Mountain Time Zone
  • US Pacific Time Zone
  • US Arizona Time Zone

Supported File Types

Windows Photo Viewer

    • .bmp, .dib
    • .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe
    • .tif, .tiff
    • .gif


  • .xls, .xlsx
  • .doc, .docx, .rtf
  • .ppt, .pptx

Adobe Reader

  • .pdf

Small Player (not Windows Media Player for security reasons)

  •  wav

Optimal Experience

Optimal Experience for Windows OS:

  • Windows 10 and higher

Optimal User Experience – Internet Speed

  • Bandwidth – 512 kilobytes per second (KBps) per user is recommended
  • Recommendations for a practice would be 10 Mbps up and additional 512kb per user.  if  you are using other applications such as VOIP, payroll, accounting, video and email services you need to ensure you have reserved at least 512 kb per user in each location that will be using the NexCloud service.
    • These recommendation does not take into consideration the total number of users, activities, equipment’s and devices each practice might be running.
    • We recommend more bandwidth for scenarios that have high payload equipment’s and devices

Multiple Databases

Every “database” must be its own subscription, with its own license key and record in the Internal licensing system. For example, customers that run a medical clinic and an ASC must purchase two subscriptions—one will be set up as “Medical” and another for “ASC.”

Current System Limitations

Windows: This is the recommended platform for leveraging peripherals for scanning and printing. Camera functionality embedded within a physical PC (such as an embedded laptop camera) is not supported.

iOS: Files cannot currently be imported from the file system. While camera utilization is not available directly through iOS, if camera use is desired, this can be done via the Nextech EMR iPad Application. MSWord merge through Letter Writing/EMR is not available on iOS. No peripherals are supported on the iOS platform, such as printing, scanning, and camera functionality. However, this can be easily resolved by outfitting the office with at least one Windows PC to be used with peripherals.

Browser: Users cannot print, scan, or use any peripheral device on this platform. MSWord merge through Letter Writing/EMR does not work on a browser. This platform is best for viewing and inputting data into the system, but is not capable of merging letters, scanning, or printing.

Mac: MSWord merge through Letter Writing/EMR does not work on Mac. While users can print from a Mac, no peripherals are supported on this platform. If a user desires to scan or merge letters, we do not recommend a Mac for that function. We recommend outfitting the office with at least one Windows PC for ease of use and optimal functionality and, if desired, utilize a Mac for viewing, inputting, and printing only.

Android: This has the same limitations as the iOS and Browser platforms

The following modules/links are not supported in this environment:

  • NexPDA Link
  • United Link
  • Inform Link
  • Quickbooks Link

Supported Peripherals

NOTE: Peripherals are only supported when using NexCloud Azure RemoteApp application on a Windows PC.


Windows compatible LaserJet printers are recommended

Barcode Scanners

Nextech supports Serial Emulation USB barcode scanners. Tested models include Metrologic MK9520-72A38 or MK9520-32A38, & Honeywell Voyager

1200g (wired) or 1202g (wireless). [Keyboard wedge scanners are not supported]



Nextech is compatible with TWAIN scanners and WIA camera/printer drivers.

Voice Dictation

Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical Edition required for voice dictation on the PC [the NexSpeak iPad voice dictation software, sold separately by Nextech, does not require Dragon Naturally Speaking]

Magnetic Strip Readers

Tested models: MSR – ID Tech Mini Mag model Number IDMB-355133B (64 bit compatible)

Topaz Signature Pads

Model T-LBK462-BSB-R is the only compatible model. Performs work over Terminal services

Credit Card Readers

Card readers for Integrated Credit Card Processing must be purchased at https://iccp.nextech.com/index.php/shop/ [Compatible w/ Windows 7+ only. MAC hardware is not supported]


Must be able to run iOS 11 or higher


Windows 7

 (Without Service Pack 1)

Windows 8

(Needs 8.1 Service Pack)


iOS 9.0 and lower


Standard HL7 interfaces are supported (Windows PC required)

Device imports are supported one way only. Images can be received back from the device, but cannot launch device-specific software that has been installed locally (Windows PC required)

TouchMD is supported (HL7 only) (Windows PC required)

Integrations  through Nextech APIs (visit us at code.nextexch.com)  are supported and other interfaces that uses HL7 is also supported(i.e. MyMedLeads, custom interfaces, etc.).

The following common interfaces are not currently supported (support plans in place for later releases):

  • MediGain