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Boling Vision Center Case Study

Elkhart, IN

The functionality and the usability of the system is superior to anything I’ve ever seen. Being able to change something in the Nextech system just takes a right click and a drag. This is the third system we have been on and it is by far the most effective solution we have found.”

– Hayley Boling, CEO


Boling Vision Center is a progressive ophthalmology practice located in Elkhart, Ind. With eight doctors, multiple locations and more than 600 patients per week, Boling Vision Center couldn’t afford to select an EMR that produced longer wait times and inferior overall patient care. From general eye care to performing cataract surgeries and other complex procedures, Boling Vision Center needed a robust solution specifically designed for ophthalmology, and after a rocky relationship with a generic EMR solution, the practice switched to Nextech’s EMR in 2013 and hasn’t looked back since.


  • Averaged 120 hours of customization time, lost with each generic EHR upgrade
  • Click-heavy navigation created long learning curve for staff members
  • Often waited months to receive response from support team, leading to major disruptions in day-to-day operations


  • Adopt Nextech’s fully-integrated, ophthalmology specific EMR solution
  • Sought responsive support that would listen and cater to the specific needs of the practice
  • Immersive on-site training and implementation to ensure seamless transition to Nextech EMR
  • Wanted modernized workflows to generate more efficient patient exams


  • Patient exam times have decreased by roughly 38%
  • Increased patient volume one week after Nextech Go Live
  • Added six patients per doctor per day within 90 days of implementation
  • Easy-to-use design allowed for greater doctor/patient interaction during consultation

The Fix

Boling Vision Center set out on its journey to finding a new EHR solution in 2012 and decided Nextech was the right fit after talking with several professional peers and participating in a software demonstration.  The practice invested in the fully integrated EMR and practice management system and immediately got to work on customizing their templates to reflect each physician’s workflow.  The providers and staff members quickly came to realize that Nextech was a solution built for ease of use and supreme functionality.

The Go-Live

Boling Vision Center worked diligently prior to Go Live week, completing a list of detailed tasks provided to them by the Nextech Team.  Assisting with data conversion from their old system and further helping to customize the practice’s templates, the Nextech trainers arrived onsite the week of Go Live to help the practice successfully launch the solution.  Once up and running with their new specialty system, the practice saw immediate improvements in their workflows and felt confident their dedicated software team was a quick phone call away if further assistance was needed.

“We had trainers come onsite and help us with our customization.  It was step by step and Nextech gave us so much instruction,” said Hayley Boling. “It’s a new system so of course there are some little issues every now and then. We simply call into Support and we get responses the same day which is not the case with other systems. With our previous big box solution, we had outstanding tickets that took more than 18 months to be addressed.  Nextech has been incredible with their support.”

The Success

Working with Boling Vision Center every step of the way, the Nextech Team was able to transition the practice to its fully integrated EMR and practice management system. The practice is now empowered with the tools to proactively engage with patients through mobile platforms and an intuitive portal, enabling them to successfully attest meaningful use within the first three months of their Go Live.  Experiencing an increase in productivity, Boling Vision is happy they made the move to go beyond the limitations of their generic system.

“With Nextech, we did not have to reduce our patient volume at all when we went live and within one week were actually seeing more patients than we were prior to buying Nextech,” said Hayley Boling. “From check in to check out with a fully dilated eye exam, we were looking at between 90 to 120 minutes prior to Nextech and now that we have Nextech, our numbers for a fully dilated eye exam is between 50 and 75 minutes.  The capabilities of Nextech are superior to anyone we’ve seen in the industry.”