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Hirshfield Eye Associates Case Study

Queens, NY

“What I liked about IntelleChart is that it flows correctly throughout the consultation and is structured very intelligently … it works in a very intuitive and clean way.”

– Dr. Gary Hirshfield


Founded in 1990 by Dr. Gary Hirshfield, Hirshfield Eye Associates continues to be one of the most prestigious comprehensive ophthalmology clinics in New York City. Hirshfield Eye Associates is patient focused as each patient receives individual attention from Dr. Hirshfield, no matter the reason – comprehensive ophthalmology, cataract surgery, Lasik and more. With 150-200 new patients per month, Dr. Hirshfield’s practice sought an EHR solution built to handle his large patient volume with ease and efficiency. His search finally led him to IntelleChart.


  • Fast, but inaccurate documentation led to poorer quality patient exams
  • Uncomfortable to use solution for both doctor and staff
  • Entering in complicated findings became problematic
  • Design wasn’t intuitive to flow of ophthalmology exams


  • Needed an EHR that understood the workflows of an ophthalmologist
  • Sought a solution that did not sacrifice accuracy for the sake of speed
  • Work with a knowledge, responsive product support team


  • IntelleChart’s fast, efficient and effective product support instantly solves any technical issues
  • Intelligently and intuitively designed to flow correctly through patient consultations
  • Simplified templates make for greater ease of use for both staff and doctors
  • Accurate documentation reduces wasted time by eliminating need to correct data entries post-consultation

Quantity Over Quality with Prior Solution

“From the very first day I got it, I was looking to get rid of it,” Dr. Hirshfield said of his prior solution. “It really dumbs down the exam. It works fast to document things, but at the expense of accurate, quality documentation.”

Although he stuck with his intial EMR software because of the large amounts of sunk costs already invested into the software, Dr. Hirshfield was constantly searching for a better solution for his practice. Through word-of-mouth, IntelleChart made a quick and positive impression on Hirshfield and his staff.

“Over the years, I had kept my eyes open to other software. I found that the IntelleChart software worked in a very intuitive and clean way. It was getting a lot of good reviews and gaining traction. I heard of more and more people saying great things about IntelleChart.”

Documentation Made Easy with IntelleChart

IntelleChart was created by a practicing retina specialist with a design in mind specifically for ophthalmologists. The Adaptive Template Technology creates patient specific templates that presents only the relevant information needed by the doctor, allowing physicians to focus solely on the patient.

“What I liked about IntelleChart is that it flows correctly throughout the consultation,” Dr. Hirshfield explained. “It’s structured very intelligently. What I also liked is if you enter a problem list, it will give you a sample problems that will be related to the findings. So it can go from problem to findings or findings to problem.

It wasn’t always this easy to document findings for Dr. Hirshfield, especially on his prior solution.

“There was no easy way to type in your findings. You might have 60 patients during the day with common issues like cataracts, macular degeneration and such. But five might have issues you don’t see all the time, which would become very problematic entering in the more complicated findings. Whereas with IntelleChart, it was easy. All you had to do was type it in.”

Support Makes All the Difference

No matter how great a product is, the quality of support along with the product is essential to its overall success. The same can certainly be said for an EHR vendor. With his prior solution, Dr. Hirshfield was tired of dealing with an oft-broken down system and speaking to support virtually each day.

“The user interface was very inaccurate, old and it broke down often. We were on the phone with tech support nearly every day. It was very uncomfortable to use for both doctor and staff.”

But that all changed with IntelleChart and the software’s knowledgeable and timely support. Not only has the quality of support improved, but thanks to the quality of the product, Dr. Hirshfield’s office isn’t constantly communicating with them.

“The support has been fantastic. The people at the company are really good. The support is fast, efficient and effective. I think the support is one of the really, really good parts of IntelleChart. But because the software is so robust, you don’t really need to deal with support very often. I think the quality, ease of use and the support are all vastly superior. I’m very happy to have IntelleChart.”