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Wiles Eye Center


“Organization, ease of use, access to information and understandability are all excellent. For the first time I feel as though the EHR is making us more efficient. I can’t recommend IntelleChart highly enough.”

– Dr. Stephen Wiles


Serving the Kansas City and St. Joseph communities for more than 40 years, Perfect Sense Complete Eye Care has been dedicated to providing Missourians with the highest quality eye care. With four physicians and 35 staff members, Perfect Sense handles everything from general eye care to state-of-the-art treatments for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye conditions. After feeling uncomfortable with a generic, big box solution, this growing ophthalmology practice decided the ophthalmology-specific solution IntelleChart best met the needs of their two locations.


  • Initial exposure to a generic EHR software made clinical staff feel uncomfortable
  • No intuitive design to match the ophthalmologists’ workflows
  • Click-heavy templates slowed practice operations


  • Ophthalmology specific EHR that was the right fit for Perfect Sense’s workflows
  • Communicate and share ideas with fellow ophthalmologists through Shared Knowledge Base
  • Seamless implementation to retain optimal patient volumes and avoid dip in revenue


  • 10-minute Meaningful Use attestation
  • Retained 100% patient volume by second week of implementation
  • Achieved greater speed in various clinical areas by eliminating risk of losing cluttered paper charts
  • Adaptive Template’s user-friendly setup mirrors the practice’s charts, improving efficiencies throughout patient consultation

Ophthalmology Created, Ophthalmology Specific

Selecting an EHR took approximately three months for Perfect Sense, but experiencing the benefits of IntelleChart was almost immediate.

“The fact it was made by an actual ophthalmologist was great,” Samantha Long, Director of Operations, said, “We felt like [IntelleChart creator Dr. Dan Montzka] knew exactly what we needed.”

Thanks to IntelleChart’s Adaptive Template Technology and intuitive setup, the EMR catered exactly to the needs of Perfect Sense, allowing the four doctors and 35-member staff to focus on efficiently providing excellent care to its patients.

“It was set up exactly like our charts with the little tabs and everything. It’s just so user-friendly,” Long said. “Nobody had anything bad to say when we went to the offices … it was really a no-brainer to select MDIntelleSys.”

Since IntelleChart was developed by an ophthalmologist, there’s no guess work when it comes to fitting in with a practice like Perfect Sense. And IntelleChart’s cloud-based system provided the mobility needed by Long and the practice’s four doctors to work on the go as well as offer access to 24-hour maintenance and support.

“The overall consent forms are wonderful, considering you can share consent forms that other people have made or even one’s we have made,” Long said of the Shared Knowledge Base. “Both the drawing program and letters to the doctors are great, too. “You don’t have to do anything except give them your letterhead. You can pick which kind of letter you want to go to which doctor because they’re already set up, they’re already in there.”

Implementation Simplification

“Once we picked [MDIntelleSys] in March or April, we were up and running by June or July,” Long said. “It was really quick and very easy to do. The IT support is the best I’ve used, so it was very, very easy to [implement into our offices].”

Thanks to a quick and painless implementation process, Perfect Sense saw only a minimal impact on patient volume during the immediate weeks following the install of IntelleChart – resulting in a return to 100 percent volume and improved revenues in just seven days.

“We cut down our patients by only 25 percent in the very first week we had IntelleChart. Then the second week, we were already back to 100 percent of our patients, just like we always did,” Long explained. “It’s just so user-friendly – a click of the button. A lot of people have to cut back 50 percent or more for a few weeks, but we didn’t have to do that.”

10-Minute MU Attestation

Attesting to Meaningful Use is a love-hate relationship for medical practitioners. The incentive-based program can be a source of extra revenue for practices, but that also potentially comes with a lot of stress during the attestation process.

For Perfect Sense, however, attesting to Meaningful Use couldn’t be simpler with IntelleChart.

“With a click of a button, I’m running a report for Meaningful Use. It takes me 10 minutes to attest to Meaningful Use and I’m done. I’ve attested every single year since 2011 and by January 5,” Long said. “Everything’s with a click of the button – getting your dates and putting in your information.”

Support Means Everything

“The biggest thing I tell other practices … the support you get from MDIntelleSys, whether it’s IT or the service desk for something small, that’s worth it to me even if you don’t like the program. They fix anything that you need fixed or if you're emailing the knowledge base guys, they get it done right away. The support you get alone just from the MDIntelleSys staff makes it 100 percent worth it.”

“We have zero complaints,” Long added. “Our doctors have zero complaints and our staff has zero complaints.”