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Smart Workflows & Flexible Data

Collect More Data & Chart Faster


Relevant Orthopedic Data for Optimal Outcomes

Break down clinical workflows into its component tasks, and then assign those tasks throughout your organization in whatever way makes the most sense. Guided workflows streamline data collection, increasing productivity while ensuring that you are compliant.


Orthopedic EHR Relevant Data

Fewer Clicks

Smart Workflows’ Protocols substantially reduce repetitive data capture – physicians can create customized order sets to turn many clicks into a few. Fewer clicks means less time spent on data capture and more time focused on patient care.

Orthopedic EHR With Fewer Clicks

Relevant & Flexible Data Platform

Collect discrete data  by using a Flexible Data Platform to create customized data points. The platform empowers practices by providing the tools to customize and manage data, and design workflows that are most efficient to your practice. 

  • Smart Data Capture In the Orthopedic EHR
    Smart Data Capture
    • Unlimited self-defined, relevant &
      codified data points 
    • Customized workflows that
      provide natural data capture
    • Less time—if any—completing
      notes post-encounter
  • Smart Data Sharing In the Orthopedic EHR
    Smart Data Sharing
    • Real-time seamless data exchange
    • Protocols that provide standardized care quickly & efficiently
    • Standardized care that facilitate increased quality outcomes
  • Optimal Outcomes with a Orthopedic Specific EHR
    Optimal Outcomes
    • Capture all relevant data
    • Analyze treatment plans to ensure
      best quality outcomes
    • Improve patient care and practice profitability.
Orthopedic EHR Smart Data Capture & Sharing

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