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Lisa Cassileth, MD, FACS

Beverly Hills, CA

“As we grew, Nextech seamlessly accommodated our changing needs and helped us become the well-run, successful office
we are today.”

– Lisa Cassileth, MD, FACS


Dr. Lisa Cassileth is one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in the Beverly Hills area. Since starting her practice more than a decade ago, she’s achieved great success and has been featured on shows such as Good Morning America, Extra and others. For her practice’s success, Dr. Cassileth needed an EMR designed to work alongside plastic surgeons and one that would help her sustain optimal productivity and patient care. Her search led her to choose Nextech’s Cosmetic EMR software and PM solution.


  • Practice was experiencing decreased productivity and lack of functionality
  • Inefficient communications between departments
  • Insufficient billing system perpetuated practice inefficiencies


  • Sought an EMR specific to plastic surgeons
  • Needed an easy-to-use solution that would bring back patient volumes to ideal levels
  • Fully-integrated system so all departments could access information instantaneously


  • Robust Nextech Cosmetic EMR solution has made practice much more productive during the day
  • Instant access to patient medical history provides comprehensive picture of patient’s records and allows for better quality patient care
  • Nextech’s fully customizable, fully-integrated system works seamlessly with all areas of the practice, enabling the staff to focus more on the patients and less on the software

The Fix

Taking advantage of the breadth and scope of Nextech’s all-in-one, customizable solution, Dr. Cassileth implemented both the EMR and practice management system after participating in a live demonstration with a Nextech team member. She says she was immediately drawn to the system’s intuitive nature and ability to adapt to the established workflow of her practice. Dr. Cassileth says her staff is able to operate on a more systematic level by implementing the many facets of Nextech into their daily routine.

“The Reports module is a really important tool,” said Dr. Cassileth. “We use it to study and evaluate the performance of various providers, to analyze the performance of products and procedures and also for goal setting. Part of the reason we can be so attuned to our patients is because we know what’s going on thanks to Nextech.”

The Success

Now fully functional with Nextech’s specialty solution, Dr. Cassileth says she couldn’t imagine running her practice without it. Her team is able to provide exemplary care with the backing of Nextech’s customizable, high-performance system. Regularly accessing tools such as marketing, notes, reports and inventory, Nextech has given Dr. Cassileth and her staff a way to effectively run the practice the freedom of focusing on the patient instead of their healthcare IT solution.

“When a client comes in, if I haven’t seen them in a long time, to look at the notes and look at the history of the client,” says Dr. Cassileth. “We’re a very careful to enter detailed notes. It’s very important to us because we’re a personal touch practice and it’s something that our clients feel when they walk through the front door. Our day starts and ends with Nextech.”