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Empowering specialty physicians to increase practice profitability

Improve practice performance

with real-time, insightful business intelligence  

  • Visualize the financial health of your practice
  • Analyze key metrics across functional areas of the clinic in simple dashboard views
  • Maximize revenue by identifying trends, finding areas of improvement and discovering opportunities for growth

Nextech Revenue Management Analytics

Maximize reimbursement rates with integrated E-Remittance

  • Simplifies remittance process with automated pre-submission error checking, EOB analysis and secondary claims submission
  • Enables you to find, analyze and print EOB information for easy management and payment tracking
  • Consolidates data from multiple payers into easy-to-read, searchable format
  • Decreases claims processing errors and enhance staff efficiency
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Decrease claim denials and increase office revenue with E-Eligibility.

  • Reduces administrative time through a single source for eligibility verification
  • Proactively verifies individual patient eligibility 
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