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System Status

Some customers may be experiencing intermittent performance issues when accessing DrFirst products if using Verizon as their ISP. Our engineers have confirmed that the DrFirst products are working as expected. We will continue to monitor the situation.


No Current Issues | Intermittent Issues  | Issue Reported

IntelleChartPRO (No Current Issues)

NexReminder (No Current Issues)

Patient Portal/MyPatientVisit (No Current Issues)

Practice+ (No Current Issues)

eRx (Slowness with Doctor First)

E-Eligibility (No Current Issues)

Claims Processing (No Current Issues)

Community Portal (No Current Issues)

Nextech Hosted(No Current Issues)

Credit Card Processing (No Current Issues)

SRSPro Hosted EMR (No Current Issues)

SRSPro PM (No Current Issues)


If you are experiencing an issue not listed here, contact support.