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The Herschthal Practice 

Boca Raton, FL

The Herschthal Practice Case Study


Located in Boca Raton, Florida, The Herschthal Practice serves to deliver personalized and quality aesthetic, surgical and medical dermatology care. Father and daughter, Drs. David and Jordana Herschthal, transformed their practice from a private pay, insurance and Medicare practice to aesthetic, preforming state-of-the-art medical treatments for patients. The practice went completely paperless, with the help of Nextech, in 2010.


  • New practice staff members had different ways to chart and capture data.
  • Trying to access all information delayed patient interactions.
  • Not fully utilizing marketing and billing tools hampered company growth. 
  • Did not retain information during implementation process.


  • Sought to use resources to gain knowledge on which features would create efficient workflow.
  • Implemented Professional Services to learn how to optimize stamping tool and more.
  • Gave staff tools to train new hires in the system, and tweak custom templates.


  • Doctors and clinicians can read each others charts.
  • Improved tracking for retention and earnings.
  • Able to better collect co-pays and balances.
  • Doctor/clinicians can draw on a diagram where they are injecting and take before and after pictures that attach in the chart.

The Need for Speed

When Dr. Herschthal saw that the industry was changing more than 8 years ago, he wanted to make sure he was staying ahead of the curve. He and his team set out to look for an EHR that would best suit the practice’s need to streamline efficiency and have everything in one place. Once Nextech was decided to be the superior solution, implementation soon rolled out.

“During implementation, our team was able to set up the basic information that was needed to get started. Our focus was to get back up-and-running as quickly as possible. Nextech was able to do that,” said Kathy Williams, Office Manager and Nextech superuser at The Herschtal Practice. With that on their minds, it was difficult for staff members to fully retain information and take that information to the next level. The Herschtal Practice decided to work with the Professional Services team to get a better understanding on how to fully take advantage of the stamping tool, which would soon allow them to easily document encounters, quickly generate CPT and diagnosis codes, and so much more. “We decided to have a Nextech consultant return to our practice so we could discover how to fully utilize the tools that Nextech provided. It was when we made that decision that everything made sense and clicked,”  Williams continued. “Not only did she correct setup issues, she also taught us how to resolve issues to prevent them from happening in the future.”

The Herschthal Practice Case Study Kathy Williams

“At implementation, it is difficult to know exactly what your unique practice will have difficulties with until after you’re in the system for a few months,” Williams explained.  With Professional Services, the consult was able to dive deeper into problem areas that could be resolved, such as the stamping tool. “We were shocked to see all that we could accomplish in a few short days with our consultant.”

Utilizing Professional Services

Nextech’s Professional Services consultants bring years of experience in the industry, and in Nextech, right to your practice. Like The Herschthal Practice, one will have a personal evaluation to learn key changes the practice can implent to optimize the best solution. In the long run, having Nextech’s Professional Services consultants streamline the practice can help get more time back into each person’s day.