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The 21st Century Cures Act

The Cures Act is designed to give patients and their healthcare providers seamless and secure access to health information.

It also aims to increase innovation and competition by creating an ecosystem of interoperability that provides patients with more choices in their healthcare. Learn how the law impacts your practice and how Nextech simplifies the delivery of excellent patient care. 

What Is the Cures Act?

The Cures Act aims to advance interoperability and improve patient data access. In order to achieve value-based health care, patients should be in control of their health records. 


How Does It Affect Patients?

  • Provides ease of access to health care records
  • Protects patient privacy and security
  • Promotes the ability to shop for care and manage costs

How Does It Affect Practices?

  • Makes patient data requests easy and inexpensive
  • Allows for choice of apps
  • Prohibits information blocking and establishes rules for operational flexibility
  • Improves patient safety

21st Century Cures Act Timeline

Here’s a summary of key 21st Century Cures Act milestones through 2023.
Cures Act Timeline-highres


How are MIPS and the Cures Act correlated and what effect do they have on each other?

Will the practice have a year to “practice”/exemption to adjust to new changes? 

What is information blocking and how does a provider 'information block'?

When does an EMR vendor need to be certified in 2022 in order to be Cures Act compliant for 2023?

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