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Ophthalmology EMR & PM


As the No. 1 Ophthalmology EMR vendor, Nextech maximizes both charting productivity and coding profitability to improve physician efficiency.

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Plastic Surgery Software

Plastic Surgery

Nextech's end-to-end solution suite integrates practice management and simplifies daily operations to increase patient retention, profitability and ROI.

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Dermatology EMR & PM


Nextech's fully integrated Dermatology solution empowers dermatologists to take control of their workflow, maximize patient volume and chart faster.

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McKnight Eye Centers

“IntelleChartPRO has helped tremendously because it just makes sense for your specialty in regard to the order of the templates, workups and how everything is laid out.”

   20%    Time Savings Per Visit

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Nextech’s customizable EMR solutions are tailored to each provider’s individual workflow and distinctive charting preferences.

Practice Management
Practice Management

Control workflow and optimize operations with an end-to-end solution suite that streamlines patient records, scheduling and billing.

Revenue Cycle Management
Revenue Management

Make informed business decisions and maximize reimbursement rates with Nextech’s revenue cycle management solutions.

Patient Engagement
Patient Engagement

Foster communication and facilitate patient interaction with intelligent tools designed to promote doctor/patient relationships.

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