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Pretty. Powerful. Medspa Software.

Scale your practice, beautifully.

Discover end-to-end medical spa software that helps you save time, raise productivity, and increase revenue — while delivering a personalized client experience.

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Designed to Fit Your Med Spa

Most medical practice software doesn’t consider the unique needs of med spas.

You cater to clientele who expect personalized treatment.
Our med spa-specific platform makes it easy to deliver.

Nextech offers everything you need to run your practice,
grow your business, and create a premium experience.


Powerful Revenue Drivers
for Med Spas

Close More Leads

Nextech customers report a 26% increase in consultation conversions.

Easy-to-understand data insights will help you spot trends, identify opportunities in your market, and track benchmarks for strategic growth.


Get 53% more upsells

Med spas who choose Nextech can increase their upsells by more than 50%.

Nextech’s med spa solution is the only software that sends checkout staff chart and follow-up recommendations, making a personalized upsell a natural part of the client experience.


Integrated Point-of-Sale Payments

Our fully integrated payment system streamlines quoting, payment, and package management into a smooth process that takes just seconds.

Nextech’s point-of-sale software enables checkout from anywhere in your med spa, empowering you to quote custom packages and add on upsells at any time during the consultation.

Nextech’s payment tools are:

Flexible: Allow your clients to pre-pay, to pay at the time of service, or to be billed in installments
Convenient: Easily manage recurring payments, memberships, and financing from a user-friendly interface
Accurate: Real-time reporting and automated reconciliation save staff time and reduce human error

Streamline Efficiency

Nextech med spa software saves hours of staff time — no more staying late to finish paperwork.

Charting takes just minutes and can often be finished before the client even leaves the practice
Manual processes like reconciliation and filling form fields are done at the click of a button
The client’s entire electronic health record is available in a single, simple interface — no clicking through tabs searching for information
Manager presenting budget to marketing people

Built-In Marketing Strategy

Build brand awareness and turn clients into passionate fans with Nextech’s built-in marketing tools.

Create targeted marketing campaigns, engage in personalized client outreach, and track marketing metrics, without the hassle of introducing yet another software tool.

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Manager presenting budget to marketing people

A Personalized Experience For Med Spa Clients

No Long Wait Times

Nextech’s med spa software eliminates the frustration of a long wait at the front desk.

A centralized check-in/checkout hub offers a fast, friction-free way for clients to get personalized information, receive custom quotes, and make smooth, easy payment transactions.


Med Spa Software Backed by World-class Customer Support

Nextech didn’t stop after creating a robust software platform designed specifically for medical spas.

We’re committed to making sure customers on the platform get every drop of value from it.


Pretty Simple. Pretty Powerful.

Nextech’s med spa software rolls everything you need into one user-friendly solution.

Lead capture
Client management
Record keeping
Business planning

Customizable templates let you personalize your specialty-specific platform even further. Your flexible interface can be accessed through a computer, an iPad, or even a mobile phone.


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