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Advanced Analytics

Simplify and empower your practice with the most advanced analytics available.

The Most Powerful Data Interface Available

Give your practice the competitive edge with Nextech Advanced Analytics.  Connect your PM and EHR data in one place and quickly identify risks and trends while controlling costs. 

Get a Snapshot of Your Practice’s Revenue Scenario

Practice Managers and Billing Managers can see trends in the Year-over-Year Average encounter revenue to look for outliers to alert a practice if there is an abnormality or a potential issue
Gives your practice immediate birds eye view access to look at how each physician is performing and make future business decisions to generate more revenue or stick with status quo
Helps you to manage the practice by looking at outcomes and optimally manage the revenue cycle

See How You Are Performing From an Operational Standpoint – From Patient Trends to Equipment Utilization

Practice Administrators can see appointment volume by location or within a single practice
Spot trends in repeat vs new patients over time to spot patterns and see potential areas of strengths and weaknesses
See an overview of the overall volume of the types of appointments being coded by ICD-10 code to determine if template updates may be needed
See a snapshot of diagnostic equipment utilization across all practices/locations/encounter types in your organization

Quickly Identify Patients Who Are Overdue for Clinical Procedures

Quickly spot patients overdue for a procedure (I.e. patients who should have had a macular exam or a glaucoma procedure within a given timeframe)
Providers can identify “at risk patients” then work to get them in for preventive or routine appointments

See How Advanced Analytics Can Work For Your Practice

Experience the convenience of an enterprise solution that offers a single point of access to all analytical data within your practice, across all locations, with a set of simple-to-use dashboards that offer snapshots of critical metrics without the need for additional configuration.