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By: David Henriksen on February 2nd, 2015

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ICD-10: Navigating the codes that matter

Compared to general practices and hospitals, specialty practices have a seemingly simpler task in transitioning to ICD-10, due to the luxury of dealing with a smaller set of codes. Despite this advantage, it is just as critical that specialty practices understand which codes apply to them to ensure a successful transition.

It doesn’t matter that the industry as a whole is expanding from nearly 14,000 CM codes under ICD-9 to more than 69,000 CM codes in ICD-10. What matters is focusing on the ICD-10 codes that impact your specialty the most. Identify the specific codes that your practice uses today, and look to those you will have to use after October 1, 2015 — to ensure a successful transition and to keep reimbursements flowing smoothly.

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