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MidWest Eye Center

Ohio and Kentucky

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“I love that it automatically populates information from the clinic note into the ASC chart – problem list, meds and everything you need is already there.”

– Deborah Bray, RN, CNOR, Operations Director and ASC Surgery Coordinator for MidWest Eye Centers



MidWest Eye Centers is an Ophthalmology group with 27 doctors and 19 locations across both Ohio and Kentucky, including two ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) offering laser eye surgery. MidWest Eye Centers regularly invests in cutting-edge technology, and their team has been directly involved in the testing and development of many proven laser eye surgery techniques. This has made it possible for them to perform more than 60,000 vision correction procedures since 1974.

Their practices and ASCs were in desperate need of a solution to replace their paper charting. In an effort to streamline operations and reduce costs, the lead decision makers at MidWest Eye Centers sought out an electronic ASC solution with the ability to communicate with clinical notes from their EHR. Leading this search was Deborah Bray, RN, CNOR, Operations Director and ASC Surgery Coordinator for MidWest Eye Centers. “We investigated several other systems. All of them were extremely cost prohibitive compared to the Nextech solution,” said Deborah Bray.

Solving The Paper Problem

Prior to implementing Nextech’s integrated ASC solution, MidWest Eye Centers had been using the typical paper ASC charting process, which was cumbersome and littered with workflow inefficiencies and documentation problems. After upgrading to an integrated process, they have been able to save their practices as much as $6,000 in annual overhead expenses related to buying paper as well as file maintenance and storage costs. MidWest Eye Centers has also experienced significant time savings since moving to Nextech’s ASC solution.

“The problems went far beyond just the cost of purchasing paper,” explained Deborah Bray. “We had to maintain a dedicated staff to assemble the paper charts. So many people had their hands on just one chart throughout the patient journey, it was difficult to monitor and be aware of who possessed the chart at any given time. It was also time consuming, and things could get so jumbled up to the point our doctors had to dig around for the papers they needed. When we needed signatures, we had to chase people down to make sure they signed off on the appropriate papers.”

In addition to the time and money being consumed by paper records, storage was a constant headache and seemingly never-ending expense. “We have been paying hundreds of dollars a month for storage of all our paper records,” explained Bray. “Since switching to Nextech’s ASC solution, we are already using 80 percent less paper. We are currently having our old paper records scanned into the new system. Once that’s done, it will completely eliminate our storage expenses.”

ASC Laptop


Making The Switch

In considering whether to make the switch from paper, there was some initial apprehension and concern regarding whether their staff would have difficulty with adoption of the new system. However, these fears were quickly laid to rest during training and implementation.

“I was surprised at how easily my staff was able to give up paper,” Said Bray. “I worried some of the more mature members of our team might have difficulty, since they were so used to handling physical charts. However, they all completed onboarding with the new system and love it.”

The doctors at MidWest Eye Centers also experienced none of the growing pains that are sometimes expected upon the implementation of a new system. “On the very first day we went live, I had no idea the staff was even training on a new system,” added Dr. Christopher Devine of MidWest Eye Centers. “The whole experience was flawless. It did not affect my day at all, and I found that pleasantly surprising. There was no slowdown, as far as I could tell.”

MidWest Eye Centers Case Study

A Streamlined Patient Journey

The entire patient journey at MidWest Eye Centers, at all locations including their two ASCs, has been streamlined since the implementation of IntelleChartPRO’s EHR and Nextech’s integrated ASC solution. “The intake process takes hardly any time at all now,” explained Bray. “In pre-op, my nurse can go ahead and do her job and report what she is doing because she is no longer hindered by a paper system.”

“We have not received any complaints about rooms being behind schedule,” added Bray. “The whole process is flowing so smoothly that patients are not being held up at intake or pre-op. The ASC solution has had a positive impact on patient safety and the overall patient experience. The patients have noticed they are getting more personal time with our staff, and this is backed up by a recent patient satisfaction survey we did at our practice.”

“The same thing happens in the O.R.,” she continued. “They can go through their checklist and do their risk assessments much more quickly. From intake to discharge, everything is running so much faster.”

Improved ASC Workflows

Since implementation, the team at MidWest Eye Centers has experienced workflow improvements at both ASCs. “My staff all say this new ASC system is incredibly easy to use,” reported Bray.

“I love that it automatically transfers information from the clinic notes and populates it into the ASC chart—problem list, meds, and everything else you need is already in there,” she continued. “This was so disorganized when we had paper. We no longer have to constantly call offices back or play phone tag just to clarify information or fill in the blanks. We send them the questions, and they send us the answers.”

Moving Forward

“I would definitely recommend this system to other practices,” Bray concluded. “If you commit to the process of training and implementation, it really will save your practice time and money.”

As the providers and staff of MidWest Eye Centers move toward a new paperless future with IntelleChartPRO and the integrated ASC solution, Nextech will continue to serve their short- and long-term needs for EHR, ASC and beyond.