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Clinician-Friendly Code Search

Customized Templates With Minimal Clicks


Robust Search Capability

The SRSPro code search engine leverages powerful IMO technology to deliver clinician-friendly search functionality without the use of complex templates and excessive clicks. 


Orthopedic EHR Data Interoperability

Achieve Compliance Measures 


  • Provides a full and detailed medical code list from which to select your desired diagnosis
  • Both ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes available and usable

Orders Results / CPOE

  • Provides greater detail and specificity of order types
  • Fulfills Compliance requirement

Visit Type

  • Built-in intelligence distinguishes initial vs. subsequent visit

Family History

  • Provides codes with greater specificity and detail

Patient Education

  • Targets educational material specific to the patient’s diagnosis based on code selected
  • Fulfills Compliance requirement

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