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Medication Management

Streamline clinic workflows & meet regulatory requirements


An intuitive, unified, medication management application

  • Mobile Rx
    Clean, simple look and feel, allowing you to work anywhere, anytime on the device of your choice
  • Fully Integrated Workflow
    Robust functionality that streamlines the medication management process and helps meet regulatory requirements, providing an intuitive, unified experience for writing legend and narcotic prescriptions and understanding opioid usage
  • Opioid Management
    Single click access to more than 40 state PDMP programs from within the prescribing workflow


Orthopedic EHR Relevant Data


Orthopedic Workflows

  • Formulary Checks 
    Checks patient’s coverage prior to pharmacy submission— while displaying brand name and generic drugs choices simultaneously
  • Safeguards 
    Provides drug-drug and drug-allergy alerts
  • Medication History 
    Pull down and take action on medication history from SureScripts
  • Batch Prescribing 
    Prescribe multiple drugs, narcotics and non-narcotics in a single batch, direct prescriptions to multiple

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