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Dr. Daniel Mills Case Study

Laguna Beach, California


"Without the marketing module, we'd be lost... the Nextech marketing tool is way ahead of the competition"

– Dr. Daniel Mills


Since 1988, Dr. Daniel Mills has been practicing plastic surgery at his private practice in Laguna Beach, California area. In those nearly 30 years, his practice has evolved over time, despite remaining a solo practice. Aside from a much larger patient base, Dr. Mills has transitioned from a reconstructive surgery focus to handling more aesthetic surgeries. One of the aspects of his practice that hasn’t changed much in those 30 years? His plastic surgery software. Dr. Mills has been a Nextech client since 1997.


  • Paper system generated inefficiencies in both clinical and administrative workflows
  • Doctor wanted to implement an innovative and electronic solution for his practice


  • Early adopter wanted innovative plastic surgery software that would improve the administrative and clinical aspects of the practice
  • Needed additional tools like inventory, marketing and others to maximize practice production


  • Seamless integration between EMR and PM streamlines workflows in all areas of the practice
  • Robust marketing module provides accurate and insightful information regarding practice’s marketing efforts
  • Inventory management simplified through Nextech’s inventory tool

A Nextech client for more than 18 years

To say Dr. Daniel Mills is a seasoned plastic surgeon would be an understatement. In addition to being the Medical Director of the Laguna Beach Rejuvenation Center, Dr. Mills has also been operating his private solo practice in Laguna Beach, Calif., for almost 30 years. Initially focusing on performing more reconstructive surgeries when he first opened, Dr. Mills has transitioned over to a majority of aesthetic surgeries. “I did more reconstruction surgery but my practice has morphed over the years,” Dr. Mills said. “I essentially do more aesthetic surgery now as the insurance type of operations have fallen by the wayside.”

His plastic surgery software, however, has remained a constant in his practice since he first purchased Nextech in 1997. “I was an early adopter, but you could see the whole package of Nextech,” Dr. Mills explained. “You could see a lot more longevity in a product like Nextech and all of the pieces worked well together. You could tell the quality was better.”

“That was one of the beauties of Nextech and their vision of being the premier plastic surgery software. Even though it was one of the first products out of the gate, it was also the innovator,” he added, “listening to plastic surgeons and discovering what their needs were.”

Eventually, Dr. Mills also purchased Nextech’s EMR, providing his practice with a seamlessly integrated software. The benefits of a fully-integrated system were readily apparent. “We got the EMR about six or seven years ago so we could incorporate the operating room aspects as well. Nextech is so seamless with everyone in the office using the same system, from billing to clinical to the MedSpa.”


Marketing tool stands out from the competition

For an aesthetic plastic surgery practice, marketing can make all the difference in the success of that practice. Quickly harnessing the power of Nextech’s marketing module, Dr. Mills’ practice was able to make effective marketing decisions to help grow his practice. “Without the marketing module, we’d be lost,” Dr. Mills said. “We use that to be able to evaluate where we are spending our marketing dollars, to analyze what we’re getting out of it and where our patients are coming from. The Nextech marketing module is way ahead of the competition.”

In addition to the innovative marketing features, Nextech’s inventory management tools have also had a significant impact on the efficiency and success of Dr. Mills’ practice. Inventory integration with the entire software streamlines the inventory process and provides Dr. Mills with accurate counts and low stock alerts immediately. “The inventory management functions of Nextech make the process so less heavy on administrative work. You aren’t having to constantly do a hand-held count of inventory. I love it. It’s incredible for our office.”