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DAVinci Plastic Surgery

Washington, D.C.


"I would absolutely recommend Nextech to my colleagues. It’s effective, efficient and it’s a product that will help your practice grow as it grows with you."

– Dr. Steven Davison


After several years as a professor at Georgetown University Medical School, Dr. Steven Davison decided he wanted to start his own private practice in the Washington, D.C. area. Now, he’s the only triple-board certified surgeon in the nation’s capital with certifications in plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology. His practice, DAVinci Plastic Surgery, focuses on both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery and had more than 3,500 appointments in 2015. Dr. Davison and his practice have been Nextech clients since 2008.


  • Starting a brand new private practice with no prior EMR & PM software
  • Wanted a plastic surgery specific software that would grow the practice


  • Sought fully-integrated and customizable software
  • Needed strong marketing and billing modules
  • Ability to optimize scheduling


  • Nextech enabled practice to shift to majority cosmetic procedures
  • Enhanced analysis provides greater visibility on marketing effectiveness
  • Improved note accuracy in EMR with customizable templates

Nextech enables practice’s transition from reconstructive to cosmetic

When Dr. Steven Davison envisioned his own private practice, he knew the qualities he wanted in his plastic surgery software. “Marketing effectiveness, EMR customization, scheduling optimization and a strong billing module were all characteristics I was looking for,” Dr. Davison said. “I needed a plastic surgery specific software that would help me grow my practice. I wanted the best – the Aston Martin of plastic surgery software.”

So when he launched his practice in 2008, he implemented the one plastic surgery software that met his requirements – Nextech. Now the Owner and CEO of DAVinci Plastic Surgery, Dr. Davison’s private practice is one of the most successful in the Washington, D.C. area, having more than 3,500 appointments in 2015. He attributes his growth, in large part, to the success of Nextech in his practice. “When I left Georgetown in 2008 I wanted to grow my cosmetic surgery procedures and needed a software that would help me realize that potential. Per Nextech’s financials and scheduling, I can show that I’m currently 65 percent cosmetic (45 percent growth) and 35 percent reconstructive… Nextech is the best. It has all of the items I needed.”


Nextech – Effective, efficient and grows with your practice

Another pillar of Dr. Davison’s success has been the efficiencies enabled by the fully-integrated Nextech plastic surgery software. Since all aspects of the office are on one system, workflows in both clinical and administrative areas flow seamlessly together to help Dr. Davison – and the patients – optimize time spent in the office. Additionally, Nextech’s analytics have provided Dr. Davison with greater insight on how to measure growth and effectiveness of various areas in his practice. “I measure closely my year over year schedule growth, cosmetic surgery growth and the shifts in patient dollars over insurance dollars. The Marketing module has also really helped me understand where to reinvest my marketing dollars each year. Consequently, marketing costs have been cut and has made my practice more effective by showing me where to reinvest.”

“I have seen how the EMR makes my notes more complete and accurate since I can customize my templates,” Dr. Davison added. “The EMR also helps me manage my photos easily and the innovative iPad application allows me to show patient results quickly and effortlessly, providing an even better patient experience during the consultation.”

As Dr. Davison’s practice continues its growth and success in the Washington, D.C. area, the triple-board certified surgeon is confident Nextech’s fully-integrated plastic surgery software won’t miss a beat. “I would absolutely recommend Nextech to my colleagues. It’s effective, efficient and it’s a product that will help your practice grow as it grows with you.”