Nextech Named 2024 Best in KLAS: Ambulatory Specialty EHR

By: Nextech on October 1st, 2020

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Nextech Announces Integrated ASC Solution

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 01, 2020 -- Nextech Systems, LLC, a leading provider of healthcare technology solutions for specialty providers, today announced the release of IntelleChartPRO’s (EHR) new integrated, ophthalmology-specific Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) charting solution. This solution is designed to streamline clinical and ASC communications with an integrated, specialty-specific chart that increases both efficiency and documentation accuracy while providing greater transparency of data for better management of patients across all points of care.

Combined with Nextech's #1-rated ophthalmology EHR, IntelleChartPRO, and integrated with their practice management, Practice+, this new ASC solution will streamline charting while saving users time and money by eliminating up to 80 percent of paper usage in today's ASCs. Developed using input from practicing ophthalmologists and nurses, Nextech's flexible, customizable ASC solution offers systemwide data sharing, eliminating redundant data entry and duplicate charting. The integration with Practice+ provides additional benefits such as the ability to book surgical appointments and maintain surgeon schedules. When using the ASC solution, actions taken on the clinical side will automatically update the corresponding information in the Practice+ application. Users can also conveniently and easily bill for anesthesia.

“This new ASC solution for IntelleChartPRO will allow us to support the surgical and clinical needs of our ophthalmology clients to any even greater degree,” said Jeff Lew, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Nextech. “From intake through the surgical chart to post-op and billing, our integrated solution covers every stage of the ASC patient journey.”

With Nextech's integrated ASC, members of nursing staff are freed from many of the worries and distractions that come with working in a busy operating room. The customizable, advanced Medication Administration Record (MAR) will automatically prepopulate the medications based on surgeon preferences (and by surgery types), requiring nursing staff to validate and document administration of meds with just a single click. Through the MAR, users are also able to quickly and easily document and review the medications a patient needs to take before, during and after surgery.

Providers and staff can customize checklists using the most commonly asked questions during pre-op, intra-op and post-op, confirming patient safety throughout the entire encounter. Nurses can quickly review these checklist items during the "time out" process and confirm the surgical team's verification with just their initials and a mouse click. Surgeons also have the ability to quickly and conveniently sign off on forms for every patient within the clinical note.

“The streamlined documentation provided by Nextech’s ASC solution frees up more time to address the crucial clinical issues that must be managed on a daily basis,” said Dr. Jason Handza, Chief Medical Officer at Nextech. “It removes many of the distractions that so often plague ophthalmic ASCs, helping maintain the kind of steady flow to the day that allows surgeons to stay 'in the zone,' so to speak. Surgeons do not want to be bothered by anything other than the task at hand, and this solution makes that possible, allowing them to simply sign-off on the proper forms and stay focused on the procedure.”