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By: Nextech on September 8th, 2020

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Nextech Announces New Glaucoma Flowsheet

Ophthalmology | IntelleChartPRO

TAMPA, FL – Sept. 8, 2020  Nextech Systems, LLC, a leading provider of healthcare technology solutions for specialty providers, today announced a new glaucoma flowsheet and other feature enhancements for its ophthalmology-specific EHR, IntelleChartPRO. These new chart additions increase efficiency and improve documentation accuracy by providing a longitudinal view of pertinent data, images and patient progress over time, all on a single page from directly within a patient’s chart.

These new features will support comprehensive and glaucoma physicians, as well as all providers that monitor glaucoma patients or patients with pressure-related needs, allowing them to spend less time searching for data and more time focusing on the patient care experience:

  • From one screen, providers can now view a snapshot of historical data, patient risk factors, most recent diagnostic testing dates and targeted treatment plans to determine what care is needed for the current visit.
  • Users save time with a new customizable and filterable Glaucoma table that displays key data elements such as Intraocular Pressure, Ocular Meds, Cup-Disc Ratios and Procedures.
  • New graph enhancements allow providers to:
    • Review current and past intraocular pressure (IOP) readings combined with associated medication and procedure data points, allowing them to see patient trends over time.
    • Easily view and monitor whether patients are staying within their target IOP range with a new enlarged graph.
    • Quickly analyze how a patient is responding to treatment.
  • Providers now have the flexibility to choose specific image file types to view on the glaucoma flowsheet, allowing for quick comparison of recent images with those from the current visit.

“IntelleChartPRO’s new glaucoma flowsheet is a real game changer for glaucoma patient care,” said Dr. Jody Piltz-Seymour. “The ability to customize the flowsheet so you can look at key images and link to all testing from one page adds an unparalleled level of efficiency. This is a fantastic addition to what is already a stellar EHR.”

"At Nextech, we are dedicated to continuous innovation and enhancing our EHR solutions to provide the best possible charting experience for our comprehensive and subspecialty providers,” said Dr. Jason Handza, Nextech’s Chief Medical Officer. “This commitment is what has made IntelleChartPRO the industry-leading all-in-one EHR solution for ophthalmologists of all specialties. These new glaucoma features enable our users with powerful tools to organize and review large amounts of longitudinal patient data in an efficient and detailed manner. With even more enhancements on the near horizon, IntelleChartPRO will continue to set the standard of excellence for clinical documentation in ophthalmology EHRs."