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By: Nextech on April 22nd, 2020

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Nextech Announces New Remote Management & Virtual Care Products

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Tampa, FL – April 22, 2020Nextech Systems, a leading healthcare technology provider for specialty-specific practices, today announced the upcoming rollout of several new features and products to help evolve the provider and patient care experience to combat the disruption caused by the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Since the start of the pandemic, Nextech has remained committed to ensuring users have the resources, information and technology needed to adapt to the dramatic changes taking place in healthcare. A main component of this process has included the redirection of all development efforts to focus on providing clients with new solutions in three primary areas:

  • Remote Accessibility – With practices facing partial and even full office closure, Nextech is launching a series of new features to improve accessibility and help users manage their practices remotely. Providers will now be able manage their clinical workload from anywhere with the launch of the brand-new Provider Mobile App, currently available for download in the Apple App Store. A new Appointment Worklist Tool is also now available which will streamline the clinical and administrative appointment change request processes, allowing users to assess and reschedule patients more efficiently than ever.
  • Telehealth Virtual Care – To improve users’ ability to provide expedited virtual care, Nextech is launching a fully integrated telehealth solution across all three EHR platforms, that integrates seamlessly with users’ existing EHR workflows.
  • Exposure Risk Reduction – To reduce risk of exposure in situations where patients require in-person care, Nextech is promoting contactless processes by launching a myPatientVisit Mobile Patient App with new features such as a virtual waiting room with remote check-in capabilities that transfer administrative tasks out of the office and into the patient’s hands. This new app will be available for download soon.

“From the start of the crisis, we immediately redirected our focus to expedite the delivery of features and solutions our customers need to adapt to the current situation,” said Nextech President and CEO Mike Scarbrough. “Developing and releasing new features is just one of the ways Nextech is committed to supporting our clients and other specialty providers during this period. We are also focused on ensuring readily available access to critical education through webinars and other supporting resources. We will continue to remain committed to supporting healthcare providers by doing what we can to help evolve the provider and patient care experience to better adapt to these challenging times.”

To ensure users stay up to date on critical changes and have access to other relevant information, Nextech has created an online library of valuable resources including webinars, e-books, blogs etc. on topics such as regulatory changes, reducing financial impact, practice resiliency and more. This collection of regularly updated information is available to all Nextech users on the company’s Community Portal.

Nextech would like to take a moment to acknowledge the effort and sacrifice of those who are currently serving on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. From healthcare workers to scientific researchers and essential personnel, Nextech sincerely thanks each and every one of you for being our heroes in this time of need.