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By: Nextech on April 10th, 2018

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Nextech to Explore Ways to Reduce Administrative Burden at ASCRS·ASOA Annual Symposium & Congress 2018

IntelleChart | ASCRS | Press Release

Predictive charting functionalities among new IntelleChartPRO features highlighted at the show

TAMPA, Fla., April 10, 2018 -- Nextech Systems, a leading provider of health care technology solutions for specialty physician practices, will highlight new functionality for its cloud-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, IntelleChartPRO, in Nextech booth #1811 at ASCRS•ASOA Annual Symposium & Congress, April 13-17 in Washington D.C. New features for the EMR, created to specifically address the needs of ophthalmologists, include advanced automation and assistance for coding and compliance to help providers increase their Quality Measures score and decrease costly re-work.

"Providers, specifically ophthalmologists, are working harder than ever to properly track and report data to meet Quality Measures, but many find managing their performance scores can lead to dramatic increases in their administrative time," Nextech's president and CEO, Mike Scarbrough explains. "Incorrect coding or lack of visibility in patient eligibility often leaves providers having to correct existing reports or coding, duplicating work. Instead of dealing with these types of issues retroactively, new assisted compliance and coding allows providers to be better informed up-front and helps reduce errors. This decreases the burden of extra work and helps practices increase Quality scores."

IntelleChartPRO's new assisted compliance and coding features use predictive charting to determine if a patient qualifies for a specific measure in real-time, then presents related data fields to providers for measures to improve data and charting accuracy for better reporting. This assisted approach to coding and compliance allows providers to manage their reports proactively for a better Quality score, instead of addressing the issue after the fact.

Along with these assistance features, Nextech will present a variety of new, intelligent EMR and Practice Management (PM) solutions to help ophthalmologists increase efficiency across their practice, including Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), in-line Knowledge Base editing, referral process simplification and more.

These new additions, along with IntelleChartPRO's existing predictive charting technology, will help further streamline provider and administrative workflows, allowing users to further relieve administrative burden. Attendees who visit booth #1811 at ASCRS•ASOA Annual Symposium & Congress can experience hands-on demos of these features, as well as speak with industry experts, including Dan Montzka, M.D, creator of IntelleChartPRO.

"ASCRS•ASOA presents a unique opportunity for our team to connect with some of the top industry and clinical leaders in the ophthalmology space. We're excited to present these innovations at the show and to continue conversations about key trends and challenges in the market. This show is always a highlight of our events calendar, and this year is no exception," said Scarbrough.

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Nextech is the complete health care technology solution for specialty providers. Since 1997, Nextech has been focused on delivering intelligent, intuitive, integrated solutions that empower specialty physicians to maximize efficiency, optimize charting accuracy and increase overall practice profitability. Nextech services more than 7,000 physicians and over 50,000 office staff members in the clinical specialties of Ophthalmology, Dermatology and Plastic Surgery.