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By: Nextech on March 27th, 2017

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Nextech Unveils New Enterprise Reporting Tool

New Data and Analytics Tool Allows for Customized, Efficient Reporting

Tampa, Florida – March 27, 2017 – Nextech Systems, a leading provider of specialty-focused health care technology solutions for physician practices, announced in February at its annual user conference, Nextech EDGE, the upcoming release of its Enterprise Reporting tool. Nextech developed its newest reporting solution based on customer feedback and requests for deeper access to data. Enterprise Reporting will offer users the power and flexibility to execute standard (i.e., pre-made) and custom reports more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

As the health care environment becomes increasingly complex and less predictable due to changes such as reimbursements and regulatory requirements, providers and practice administrators find themselves needing better insights into their practice operations from workflow efficiency to patient mix to financials.

With these trends, Nextech has seen an influx of demand for new, more advanced reporting tools to help providers make better use of their data. Nextech has responded with its new Enterprise Reporting tool, which is an easy-to-use software solution that enables practices to obtain greater visibility into their existing data. The Enterprise Reporting tool allows users to easily access pre-made reports or to create their own, using filters to specify the exact data they need, when they need it.

"Practice Management systems such as Nextech's house extraordinary amounts of data," says Tommy Richardson, SVP of Technology and Chief Technology Officer at Nextech. "Having this data in electronic form with the added ability to seamlessly run custom reports presents a new opportunity for most practices. Enterprise Reporting gives these practices a tool to capture and analyze this data quickly, easily and efficiently."

Nextech's Enterprise Reporting also features a scheduling component, which can automatically run reports at a time pre-determined by the user, allowing practices to complete reports during downtimes and at regularly scheduled intervals. When the report is complete, depending upon the user's preference, the system sends the file via email or saves it to a specified file server. Users can also choose from multiple output formats to view the reports, including Excel and other user-friendly layouts.

To add another layer of data transparency for clients, Nextech's Enterprise Reporting tool offers a reporting solution for on-premise clients, which allows more advanced users such as developers and IT specialists to write and customize their own reports. Practices who have these types of advanced users on staff will be able to gain an even deeper level of understanding of the data within their systems.

Nextech’s Enterprise Reporting tool was built with industry-leading technology so that reports can be completed more quickly and efficiently than ever before. The product also boasts a new, streamlined user interface that makes data and dashboards even easier to read. Moving forward, Nextech plans to devote more time to this tool to help customers discover new insights for promoting profitability and efficiency.

“Reporting and analytics are top initiatives for Nextech,” says Richardson. “We will continue to update and expand this functionality to allow practices to access their data when and how they want it, and to give them the insights they need to better their organization.”

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