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Nextech v17

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Nextech with NewCropRx

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Costs and Technical Requirements

The following costs may be associated with the implementation of Nextech.

  • Provider licenses as Nextech is licensed on a per doctor basis that cannot be shared between doctors.
  • Conversions from a prior software
  • Implementation & Training
  • Annual Technical Support
  • Third-Party Interfaces

Some of the costs listed above recur monthly/yearly and some are one-time setup costs.

The following are technical requirements associated with Nextech:

  • A provider is required to sign a contract when purchasing Nextech.  That contract does not contain limitations for the certified capabilities.
  • There are no required contracts for third-parties as it relates to certified capabilities.  However, third-party software is integrated within the Nextech product.  NewCropRx is used for e-prescribing and Secure Exchange Solutions (SES) is used for Direct Messaging.
    • Third-party vendors are integrated within the software, therefore the client cannot choose any service for integration purposes.
  • Other hardware/software considerations that could affect the usage of certified capability include:
    • Considerations could include bandwidth, computer processors, etc…  Clients should to adhere to the recommended technical specifications outlined here: http://www.nextech.com/client-support.
    • In order to use the Patient Education InfoButtons, our software is dependent on the NLM MedlinePlus Connect API launching secure website: https://medlineplus.gov and https://apps.nlm.nih.gov.
    • In order to use Implantable Device List, our software is dependent on the NLM AccessGUIDID Device Lookup API: https://accessgudid.nlm.nih.gov/resources/developers/device_lookup_api.
    • The Nextech software does not directly encrypt data at rest.  Nextech recommends the use of third party softwares to fully encrypt all disk drives where the software is used.  This whole disk encryption ensures that all data stored on the end user device is encrypted in a FIPS 140-2 Annex A compliant method so that the PHI is protected.  For example, BitLocker (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/device-security/bitlocker/bitlocker-overview) can be set to encrypt an entire disk volume using the AES encryption algorithm. 
    • Pursuant to Secure Exchange Solution (SES)’s security policy, the Direct Messaging capability is restricted and users will be unable to exchange messages with users of third-party HISPs with whom the developer does not have a trust agreement.  Secure Exchange Solutions is a member of the DirectTrust community and is capable of exchanging with others within the DirectTrust community.