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The No. 1 Ophthalmology EMR

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#1 Registered Practices with IRIS® Registry

IRIS® Registry (Intelligent Research in Sight): Consistently a market-leader since its creation, IntelleChartPRO was recently named the #1 EHR Collaborator with the most registered practices through The American Academy of Ophthalmology IRIS® Registry (Intelligent Research in Sight).

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Increase Charting Speed with Adaptive Template Technology™

Nextech’s IntelleChartPRO EMR templates are not only ophthalmology specific, but specific to each individual patient. With shorter pick lists and only relevant choices based on the patient history and problem list, ophthalmologists save valuable time during each exam. Adaptive templates empower ophthalmologists to chart faster without sacrificing accuracy.

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Ophthalmology EMR


Provide Exceptional Patient Care With Telehealth

Conduct secure, HIPAA compliant video chats directly from your Ophthalmology EMR while simultaneously documenting a patient encounter. This seamless workflow integration allows you to provide an exceptional patient care experience without any loss in productivity.

Ophthalmology Telehealth EMR



Strengthen referring relationships and grow your referral network with Shared Care

Work smarter with Shared Care and streamline the referral process.

  • Easily share patient information across the network of Nextech’s IntelleChartPRO users
  • Locate referring physicians and collaborate on treatment plans to improve patient care
  • Securely exchange information through our HIPAA compliant file sharing system
  • Ensure the continuity of care with instant access to collaborative clinical records

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Nextech IntelleChart Shared Care


Save Time and Improve Patient Care with a Comprehensive Drawing Program

Document accurately in less time. The drawing program automatically suggests existing drawings based on findings from the patient’s chart. Need to adjust the drawing? Editing is simple. IntelleDraw works in layers, allowing ophthalmologists to edit a particular layer without having to erase an entire drawing.

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Nextech IntelleChart Drawing



 Experience a Solution Designed by a Practicing Ophthalmologist, for Ophthalmologists

Nextech's knowledge-driven IntelleChartPRO EMR was designed by a practicing ophthalmologist, engineered to mimic the workflow of ophthalmologists. Comprised of a collaborative community of clinicians, the clinical content of IntelleChartPRO grows with each physician user. Document each patient encounter with unmatched speed and specificity.


IntelleChartPRO Ophthalmology EMR


Seamlessly Integrate Devices and Directly Import Images 

Nextech’s IntelleChartPRO provides unmatched capability in diagnostic device integration.

  • Quickly fill out patient records with pertinent images and information
  • Automatically compress images to screen resolution, retaining high image quality and saving time
  • Integrate with diagnostic devices that generate both images and data


Ophthalmology EMRDevice Images

Knowledge-Base Knowledge Base

Collaborative Clinical Knowledge Library


Adaptive-Templates Adaptive Templates

Patient Specific Templates


Drawing Drawing

Increase Charting Accuracy & Speed


Shared-Care Shared Care

Strengthen Referral Relationships


Eprescribing ePrescribing

Seamless Prescription Transmission


Device-Integration Device Integration

Import Data & Images Seamlessly


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