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Upgrade SRSPro

Latest Version: v12.3

The SRSPro product roadmap is developed in collaboration with clients just like you. Each release includes features and functionality designed to support your specialized needs.

Upgrade Me

1. Documentation

2. Scheduling

All upgrades will now be scheduled here»

Upgrades booked for Monday – Friday, 8:00am - 7:00pm ET during our normal business hours are free of charge. In order to perform an automated upgrade, we require the SRSPro Endpoint Management service be installed and active on your SRSPro servers for remote connectivity. Please contact us to schedule an upgrade outside of our normal business hours.

Upgrades can be scheduled with a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice and can be cancelled within a week of the scheduled date.

*The upgrade will start promptly at the specified date/time.

Prior to the scheduled upgrade start time:

  • All users should be out of the SRSPro EHR.
  • A backup of your Primary SRSPro Server and App Server should be completed.

3. Pre-Upgrade

(7 Days Prior to Scheduled Upgrade)

  • The SRS Smart Deploy tool will query the server resources on your SRS Primary and App Servers and upload the latest release. *We will notify you if your servers do not qualify for an upgrade

We will send a notification to the specified upgrade contact(s) stating:

  • Upgrade date and start time reminder
  • Location and name of the new release files which you will deploy to your SRSPro machines following the server-side upgrade

4. Upgrade

Before the scheduled upgrade start-time:

  • An e-mail and text message reminder will be sent 1 hour prior to the scheduled start of your upgrade to the sole individual that scheduled the upgrade via this website.
  • A backup or snapshot of your SRSPro Primary and App Servers should be completed.
  • Users should log out of the live SRSPro EHR about 5 minutes before the scheduled server-side upgrade
    *Note: Please do not perform a workstation or terminal server deployment until the server-side upgrade has been completed.

After the server-side upgrade has been completed:

  • The provided contact(s) will receive an e-mail notification to proceed with the SRSPro workstation and terminal server deployment.
  • Your technical team will upgrade the corresponding SRSPro machines.
  • You should perform a thorough functionality test.

To report any issues (normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 9am – 8pm ET):

  • Non-emergency: Create a support ticket with as much information as possible. (Please include “Upgrade” in the ticket’s subject line)
  • Critical: Call our Help Desk at (201) 802-1300
  • After-hours: Call our after-hours support line at (201) 802-1300 and leave a voicemail

Upgrade Me

5. Post-Upgrade

(1-3 Business Days Following Your Upgrade)

We will send you a notification requesting feedback regarding your overall upgrade experience. We welcome your recommendations as we continue refining our upgrade process.