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Maximize Practice Workflow & Patient Volume with a Dermatology Specific EMR & PM

Top fully integrated EMR and practice management solution specific to dermatology

Solutions for Dermatology


Nextech's EMR is uniquely customizable to each dermatologist's individual workflow and distinctive charting preferences.

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Practice Management

Simplify patient records, streamline scheduling and optimize billing with Nextech's fully integrated practice management software.

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Revenue Management

Keep a pulse on your practice with instantaneous insight into practice management data. Make informed strategic decisions with advanced analytics.

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Patient Engagement

Enhance the patient experience with integrated patient engagement software. Improve communications and promote the doctor/patient relationship.

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Water’s Edge Dermatology

Nextech’s fully integrated, dermatology-specific solution addressed Water’s Edge’s unique needs without compromising productivity. Through integrated photo management and a user-friendly design, Nextech has helped Water’s Edge achieve greater documentation speed and maintain high practice efficiency.

27 Seamless implementation to practice’s 27 locations
100 Up to 100 patients per day, per provider

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