Empowering Dermatologists to Optimize Practice Profitability

Improve practice performance

with real-time, insightful business intelligence  

  • Visualize the financial health of your practice
  • Analyze key metrics across functional areas of the clinic in simple dashboard views
  • Maximize revenue by identifying trends, finding areas of improvement and discovering opportunities for growth

 Nextech Analytics Revenue Management

Billing is the first point in the billing cycle, but there are preceding steps to get that right Eligibility verification and error check pave the way to reduce mistakes and denials. But that’s only the beginning. A practice needs automated processes along the collection cycle and rapid insights to maximize revenue and decrease AR days.

Decrease claim denials and increase office revenue with E-Eligibility

  • Reduce administrative time through a single source for eligibility verification
  • Integrated E-Eligibility proactively verifies individual patient eligibility
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Dermatology E-Eligibility Software

Maximize reimbursement rates with integrated E-Remittance

  • Simplify remittance process through automated pre-submission error checking, EOB analysis and secondary claims submission
  • Keep track of claims in real-time and streamline collections
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Dermatology E-Remittance Software

Analytics Analytics

Insightful Business Intelligence


Eeligability E-Eligibility

Decrease Denial Rates


Eremittance E-Remittance

Increase Reimbursement Rates


Revenue Management Best Practices: Keeping Pace with Changing Payer Models

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