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Is Your EHR System a Good Fit for Your Practice?

Posted On 2/9/16 10:01 AM by Dan Montzka, MD

Some early adopters of electronic health records (EHRs)—specialty practices in particular—are experiencing buyer’s remorse to the point that they are considering changing vendors.

Think about the movements of a patient during an appointment in a retina practice. He or she may be tested or screened in one or more areas of the facility, transitioned to another area to consult with the retina specialist, and then moved to the payment counter. Most all-purpose EHRs cannot accommodate such complicated workflows. 

In today’s challenging and competitive health care climate, retina specialists need an EHR system specifically designed around their unique workflows and regulatory requirements. Fortunately, a new breed of intelligent technology is emerging that supports online collaboration and addresses workflow challenges with more effective and functional designs.

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