Nextech Named 2024 Best in KLAS: Ambulatory Specialty EHR


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Cloud technology | NexCloud

By: Nextech
September 18th, 2019

"In-house or in the cloud—what’s the right move when it comes to choosing an EHR? As the share of value-based payments steadily increases, 30% of medical groups with more than 11 clinicians plan to replace their EHR, according to a Black Book survey. Ninety-three percent of these groups are seeking cloud-based functionality to support on-demand data access. But the transition from server to cloud can be daunting. First, there’s the cost of switching from server-based to cloud-based EHR software, including data transfer from one system to another, which can total thousands of dollars. Then there are the strains on operational efficiency that accompany any change in EHR software, such as the time required for staff to get up to speed on a new system. Further, simply understanding what is meant by cloud-based takes diligence. How can healthcare leaders most effectively weigh cloud-vs.-server options? Here are four questions leaders should consider."

Security | data | Cloud technology | NexCloud

By: Nextech
July 9th, 2018

Nextech's Chief Technology Officer, Tommy Richardson, provides his insights to Enterprise Security on how to keep your practice's information secure at all times.