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Retina Center Of New Jersey Case Study

New Jersey


"One of the strongest points of IntelleChart is my ability to sit down with a patient and in seconds know exactly where I was the last time I saw that patient and where I need to be during that visit. Images are already in the computer and waiting to be pulled up within an instant… it really maximizes my time.”

– Patrick Higgins, MD


Five years ago, Dr. Patrick Higgins ventured away from a large ophthalmology clinic to forge his own path and start his own practice. Today, Retina Center of New Jersey employs more than 60 staff members along with two additional doctors. As one of the largest research centers in the state, the physicians have participated in over 50 clinical trials. Often seeing 70-90 patients per day on his own, Dr. Higgins has turned his solo practice into a multi-doctor, multi-location clinical success. Since the beginning of his own practice, Dr. Higgins has trusted IntelleChart for his ophthalmology EMR needs and attributes the ophthalmology specific solution for helping generate greater practice efficiency and productivity.


  • At prior practice, EMR solution failed to deliver accurate charts, which increased time spent on making corrections
  • Concern with current and future compliance requirements
  • Rigid design not intuitive to an ophthalmologist’s workflow


  • Needed an intuitive ophthalmology specific EMR
  • Templates and workflows that were intelligent and intuitive
  • Wanted a software that could handle high patient volumes without sacrificing patient care


  • Improvements in charting accuracy and speed thanks to the customizations within the Shared Knowledge Base
  • IntelleChart Shared Care streamlines referral process by automatically populating new patient data into the chart and saves a considerable amount of time in the exam
  • Increased coding accuracy in IntelleChart yielded greater billing efficiencies

Ease of Use Within IntelleChart Helps Maintain Large Patient Volume

When Dr. Patrick Higgins set out to find an EMR for his new solo practice five years ago, he made sure to do his homework. “I looked at every available system on the market at the time and actually decided to fly to the various locations where those EHRs were being used,” Higgins said. “I spent the day with [IntelleChart creator] Dr. Dan Montzka and was the scribe for him for a day. One of the reasons I selected IntelleChart as my preferred product is because of the ease of use. You don’t need much training to sit down in front of it and readily use the product. It’s intuitive in a lot of ways.”

With upwards of 90 patients per day, IntelleChart’s intelligent design and customized templates have helped Dr. Higgins and his staff maintain an efficient patient workflow. “Once the patient is sent to the exam room, the chart is brought up onto the laptop beside me and the images are brought up onto the television screen on the wall behind me. When I walk in, I’m able to quickly assess the patient’s past visits, look at any past medications or treatment plans and look at the images quite readily. The ability of IntelleChart to quickly get me to the information I need inside the chart makes me more efficient.”


Shared Care Simplifies Patient Referrals

As a specialist, 15 to 20 percent of Dr. Higgins’ patient base is new patients, making the newest IntelleChart feature – Shared Care – especially valuable for his practice. Now with the ability to easily exchange patient information with general ophthalmologists from the New York, New Jersey area, the patient referral process is easier than ever before. Pertinent patient data is transmitted instantaneously into Dr. Higgins’ EMR software, which helps to save more time during exams. “Shared Care allows my staff to already have the charts populated with information they’d normally have to manually enter,” Higgins said. “So what would take 15 or 20 minutes to enter on a new patient potentially could be cut in half, which would increase the efficiency of the office and speed up the time in which the patient gets to see me.”

Additionally, Dr. Higgins believes that Shared Care has not only enhanced communication between himself and other providers, but also the overall patient care at his practice. “Our ability to communicate with everyone is much greater because we use IntelleChart. Physicians and patients love Shared Care because we’re communicating with their doctor. So it really raises the standard of what we offer here at the Retina Center of New Jersey.”

Customizations in Knowledge Base Improve Speed and Accuracy

The feature that initially caught Dr. Higgins’ attention when evaluating IntelleChart was the Knowledge Base. After five years of using the product, it’s still one of the most important aspects of how he provides patient care. “I like the fact that you can customize pick lists for the verbiage of how I would like the patient instructions to be explained and that I can choose from other customizations that have been done by other physicians who’ve used IntelleChart before me.”

“I’ve been able to customize the system to what I wanted it to be,” Higgins continued. “The system really grows as you invest in the software and in the Knowledge Base. Your charts are better charts the speed and efficiency improves. That’s one of my favorite things about IntelleChart.”