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7 Social Media Strategies for Aesthetic Practices and Med Spas

By: Robin Ntoh | April 17th, 2024

7 Social Media Strategies for Aesthetic Practices and Med Spas Blog Feature

Consistent social media marketing can unlock more visibility and revenue for your aesthetic practice or med spa.

But creating a Facebook page and posting once a month won’t cut it. Instead, you should be strategic about where and how your business shows up online. To help, here are seven tips to achieve social media success.

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1.  Know Where Your Audience Hangs Out Online

Before you create your social media strategy, clarify where your audience hangs out online. Each generation has preferred platforms so defining your target audience’s age group is a good place to start.

Key platforms by generation are:

Write down one to three platforms your audience frequents and create a social media strategy for those platforms exclusively. While it may be tempting to post on other platforms, those posts won’t increase the number of ideal patients walking through your door. For example, if, your aesthetic practice or med spa hopes to bring in more Boomer and GenX patients, creating a TikTok account may not be as strategic as one for Facebook.

2.  Enhance Visibility with Social Media Keywords

After you’ve defined your audience, it’s time to get on their feed. The easiest way to increase visibility is to add strategic keywords to your posts and captions. These keywords should be terms people are typing into social media search engines to find aesthetic practices or med spas in your area.  

For an added boost, select keywords with high search and low competition. To find keywords people are searching for and to see how crowded each keyword is, utilize a tool like Semrush.

A med spa in Fort Lauderdale, for example, may find a Facebook search for “med spa Fort Lauderdale” generates many results but is competitive, with many local med spas creating Facebook content for that term.

“Fort Lauderdale med spa,” however, has less competition and strong search. This med spa would include the phrase “Fort Lauderdale med spa” on their list of strategic keywords, but not “med spa Fort Lauderdale.”

3.  Implement a Hashtag Strategy

Strategic hashtags help new people find your aesthetic practice or med spa. These words or phrases enhance your page’s visibility and align your content with the platform’s algorithm.

According to Instagram, the hashtag do’s are:

  • Use relevant hashtags (e.g., a med spa should use #MedSpaFortLauderdale but not #FortLauderdaleVacay)
  • Mix hashtags with a large number of posts and more niche hashtags
  • Use between 3-5 hashtags per post

Instagram also advises against using hashtags that have nothing to do with your content, more than five hashtags per post, or using hashtags that are too generic.

4.  Post Consistently

Once you understand where you are posting and have a list of keywords and hashtags, it’s time to create content. First, decide on a cadence to post and be consistent. For example, you could post every Monday and Wednesday or every Thursday and Saturday so followers know when they can expect to hear from you.

When posting, you also want to create content around your services and offerings. While the video of your new puppy is adorable, it might not be relevant to your business’s community. Instead, a post about how chemical peels combat acne may be more useful.

5.  Brainstorm Ideas Ahead of Time

After deciding when and where to post, it’s time to create the actual content. The person managing your social media platforms should regularly brainstorm ideas for future content.

If you’re stuck on what to post, here are five ideas to get you started:

  1. Introduce your staff to your audience.
  2. Highlight the talent of your team and the success stories of your patients.
  3. Share relatable stories from your staff and patients to cultivate a community, not just a following.
  4. Give the microphone to your patients by sharing customer testimonials.
  5. Create content for national holidays. For example, on National Bikini Day, your practice can create a post about laser hair removal.

6. Use Instagram Stories

If using Instagram or Facebook, you also want to take advantage of stories. As a rule of thumb, post three times per day on your stories.

Unsure what to post? Here are some ideas:

  1. Reshare a post that you’ve created in the past.
  2. Share a reel or post from someone else that your audience may love.
  3. Repost stories from your patients.
  4. Write some easy skin care tips.
  5. Answer frequently asked questions about your business.
  6. Ask questions or polls about followers’ skin care routines.

7. Don’t Forget About Engagement

Social media isn’t just a place to create content; it’s a platform to foster community. By engaging with followers, you make them feel like they are part of something and not another face in the crowd. To engage meaningfully, respond to their comments on your posts and their DMs.

If you have extra time, consider commenting on some of your followers’ posts.

Along with fostering community, engagement improves visibility because accounts with active engagement are boosted in the algorithm. It also drives conversions since engaged followers are more likely to respond to calls to action.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’ve made it this far, you’re ready to post on social media and drive conversions to your aesthetic practice or med spa. To help, we’ve created 150 Canva templates and a 2024 social media planning calendar.

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