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Work smarter, not harder with Nextech’s Practice Management software


Optimize office operations with streamlined patient records

Nextech quickly pulls in relevant patient data from IntelleChartPRO and maximizes efficiency from front office scheduling to back office billing. Improve practice performance with Nextech’s end-to-end solution suite.

Nextech Ophthalmology Practice Management

Maximize scheduling and patient volume

Optimize physician productivity and patient volume with fast scheduling software

  • Reduce missed appointments and save time through first available appointment finder
  • Accommodate the unique needs and schedule of any physician
  • Move appointments through a simple drag and drop method, minimizing administrative time

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Ophthalmology Practice Management Scheduling

Electronic billing streamlines the billing process and increases claims accuracy

Maximize back office efficiency to improve practice profitability.

IntelleChartPRO’s intuitive coding assistance solutions ensures high coding accuracy and reduces denied claims. Superbills are auto populated based on exam findings and physicians are quickly alerted of any missing data in the bill to generate the correct corresponding ICD-10 code.

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Nextech Ophthalmology Practice Management

Scheduling Scheduling

Maximize Patient Volume


Billing Billing

Maximize Practice Revenue


Appointment-Reminders-2 Room Manager

Optimize Patient Flow


Optical-Shop Optical Shop

Track & Sell Optical Supplies


CC-Processing Credit Card Processing

Streamline Payment Processing


Learn how Nextech's solutions can help you chart faster, work smarter and live better.

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