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Empowering ophthalmologists to optimize practice profitability

Nextech makes keeping track of your practice’s profitability easy through the use of robust, personalized revenue management tools.

To combat decreasing reimbursement rates, increasing denials and complex coding compliance, Nextech’s electronic tools improve the health of an ophthalmology practice’s bottom line by reducing inefficiency and overhead.



Streamlined billing

Simplify the billing process with electronic billing tools. E-Billing enables faster and more accurate claims processing as bills are generated directly from the EMR. Along with E-Billing, Nextech’s E-Eligibility and E-Remittance tools save even more time, while also decreasing denial rates and speeding payment turnaround time. By maximizing billing efficiency, ophthalmologists and administrators can quickly gain valuable knowledge regarding claims and reimbursements and are put in better position to optimize practice profitability.

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Ophthalmology Electronic Billing Software

Maximize reimbursement rates with integrated E-Remittance

  • Simplify remittance process through automated pre-submission error checking, EOB analysis and secondary claims submission
  • Find, analyze and print EOB information for easy management and payment tracking
  • Keep track of claims in real-time and streamline collections

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Ophthalmology E-Remittance Software

Analytics Analytics

Insightful Business Intelligence


Eeligability E-Eligibility

Decrease Denial Rates


Eremittance E-Remittance

Increase Reimbursement Rates


Revenue Management Best Practices: Keeping Pace with Changing Payer Models

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