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The Leading Orthopedic EHR

Designed Specifically for Orthopedists to
Improve Patient & Practice Outcomes

 Top Customer Rated KLAS Orthopedic EHR

An Orthopedic EHR with Smart Workflows® & Flexible Data

Custom designed with and for Orthopedists – to efficiently demonstrate patient outcomes and generate more revenue as quality-based metrics continue to drive reimbursement in the industry.


Orthopedic Specific Content EHR System

Top-Rated Orthopedic EHR in KLAS’ 2018 Orthopedic Report*

The KLAS* report validates the solutions, support and service that has established the trusted partner of so many of the nation’s renowned orthopedic practices.

Top Customer Rated KLAS Orthopedic EHR


Provide Exceptional Patient Care With Telehealth

Conduct secure, HIPAA compliant video chats directly from your Orthopedic EHR while simultaneously documenting a patient encounter.
This seamless workflow integration allows you to provide an exceptional patient care experience without any loss in productivity.

SRSPro Telehealth Orthopedic EHR




Orthopedic Specific Solutions

  • Smart Workflows In the Orthopedic EHR
    Smart Workflows® & Flexible Data Platform

    Revolutionary, patent-pending Smart Workflows allows you to create role-based workflows and protocols that improve efficiency, simplify data capture and facilitate regulatory compliance.


  • Integrated PDMP Checking In the Orthopedic EHR
    Integrated PDMP Checking

    Integrated PDMP checks into the EHR to simplify your workflow and help you provide better care while meeting state regulations.


  • Streamlined Patient Notes In the Orthopedic EHR
    Streamlined Patient Notes

    Robust and flexible exam note solution allows specialists to document patient encounters easily, confidently, and in a way that feels natural.


Specific Sub-Specialty Orthopedic Content
  • Medication Management In the Orthopedic EHR
    Medication Management

    An intuitive, unified, medication management application streamlines clinic workflow and meets regulatory requirements while improving patient satisfaction.


  • Data Interoperability In the Orthopedic EHR
    Data Interoperability

    An open, efficient, productivity-enhancing data exchange platform is essential to the growth and sustainability of medical practices.


  • IMO Technology In the Orthopedic EHR
    Clinician-Friendly Code Search

    Powerful IMO technology delivers clinician-friendly search functionality without the use of complex templates and excessive clicks.


Orthopedic Specific, For All Size Practices

Hear From Our Clients


"The EHR allows the physicians to see more patients and move more efficiently."*

"The EHR’s workflow met all our needs. We were able to set it up exactly how we wanted it…. "*

Discover The Leading Orthopedic EHR


*KLAS: 2018 Orthopedic EMR Report, December 2018. © KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved. www.KLASresearch.com