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Flexible Exam Note Solution

Allowing Physicians to Easily & Confidently 
Document Patient Encounters 


Accurate Results

A rich and unique narrative that is simple to understand—a stark contrast to point-and-click templates that create lengthy and robotic notes that are devoid of individual patient nuances. Approach documentation results in easy-to-reference notes and improved communication with other practices.

  • Personalized exam note design for each physician in your practice
  • Automated exam note creation
  • Quality exam documentation with less effort
  • Enhanced patient care


Orthopedic EHR Accurate Results

Accurate & Appealing

Providers can build templates that reflect the actual activities that take place during their visit and echo them in a quality narrative of the provider’s own words. This allows for much more freedom in design, and an appealing, professional and more accurate description of the encounter.

  • Improved communication with other practices
  • Increased physician productivity
  • Greater time and money savings
  • Decreased audit risk
Orthopedic EHR Build Custom Templates

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