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Complete healthcare technology
solutions for specialty physicians

As the # 1 specialty-specific EMR and Practice Management solution, Nextech empowers providers to enhance their clinical and clerical workflows.  Discover proven solutions and services to make your practice more efficient than ever.


Ophthalmology      Plastic Surgery       Dermatology          Medical Spa   


As the No. 1 Ophthalmology EHR Vendor with IRIS Registry, Nextech improves physician efficiency by streamlining clinical documentation and compliance processes

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Plastic Surgery

As the No. 1 Plastic Surgery software, Nextech integrates practice management and simplifies daily operations to increase patient retention and profitability.

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Nextech empowers dermatologists to take control of their workflow, maximize patient volume and chart faster with our fully integrated, customizable solution suite.

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Discover how to chart faster, work smarter, live better with Nextech’s healthcare IT solutions

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