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Nextech EHR Brochure

Nextech EHR

Customizable to individual preferences, Nextech EHR is designed to function in a way that best suits the user and comes with built-in features for attestation and compliance reporting.

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Nextech IntelleChartPRO EHR Brochure

IntelleChartPRO EHR

Discover the power of the industry’s most intuitive web-based EHR, designed to mirror the problem-driven work­flow of your specialty practice.

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Nextech SRSPro EHR Brochure


SRSPro’s intuitive, e­fficiency-adding tools are tailored to suit the unique needs of Orthopedic practices, taking care of the business side of medicine so providers can focus on patient care.

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Nextech Practice Management

Nextech Practice Management

Our comprehensive, end-to-end solution allows users to deliver targeted patient care by utilizing specialty-speci­fic tools, features and functionalities that can be customized to suit any size practice.

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Practice+ Practice Management Brochure

Practice+ Practice Management

Manage your practice like a pro, from anywhere, with a cloud-based solution that provides users with complete practice management from the first point of contact to the last.

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Discover how to chart faster, work smarter, live better with Nextech’s healthcare IT solutions

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