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Client Success Stories

Case Studies

Capital Dermatology

“It is very helpful to have compatibility between the billing service and the software vendor because they need to work hand-in-hand to make it all successful.”
-Bruce Glassman, MD

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Luminous Dermatology

"Nextech is worth every penny. The way in which we’re able to utilize the system and the way it helps me to manage my roles as a dermatologist, pathologist and practice manager is unparalleled.”
-Dr. Bryan Gammon

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Water's Edge Dermatology

"I love that Nextech incorporates all aspects of the practice from e-prescribing to documentation and even billing. None of the other EMRs I’ve worked with in the past compare to Nextech. It’s so versatile and easy to customize."
-Alissa O’Brien, MD

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Water's Edge Dermatology

Suzanne Bruce & Associates

Clarkston Dermatology

Aesthetic Dermatology

California Skin Institute

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