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Less Clicks, More Care with Dermatology-engineered EMR


EMR Exclusively Architected for Dermatologists

Future-trending, dermatology-specific EMR solution enables providers to focus on pure care—with more freedom and less work

EMR Exclusively Architected For Dermatology

  • Customized, dermatology-specific workflow—it’s your way, all the way
  • Convenient cloud and mobile technology—controlled by you


  • Quick, clever and uncomplicated—the way it should be
  • Complete—comprehensive solution that covers patient care, start to end

Nextech Dermatology Designed EMR Inventory

Nextech’s dermatology-designed EMR does more than charting with built-in extras to simplify and optimize inventory tracking


  • Avoid low inventory with pop-up reminders to replenish low stock based on minimum on-hand quantity
  • Maximize ROI of inventory by utilizing comprehensive history of purchase orders
  • Create and track receipts for outstanding orders



Anytime, anywhere mobile EMR access

Nextech’s super-tech iPad application liberates dermatologists from spending more time in the office than necessary. Work from any location. Swift-swipe design enables rapid review of patient charts and prescription refills.


Anytime Anywhere Mobile Dermatology EMR Access

Optimize documentation with smart stamps

Automatically pull relevant information needed for the patient – diagnosis codes, consent forms, lab forms, etc.
Smart stamps automate billing for specific findings to maximize physician efficiency
Simplify patient exams and improve charting efficiency

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Dermatology EMR Documentation


EMR Lab Integration streamlines lab orders and processing

  • Quickly review lab results in patient’s medical record
  • Enhance physician efficiency and easily record pathology notes
  • Confidently link with major lab companies within Nextech EMR
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Dermatology EMR Lab Integrations

iPad-App iPad App

Agile Mobile Software


Customizable_Templates Customizable Templates

Tailored to Physician Preferences


Eprescribing ePrescribing

Seamless Prescription Transmission


Dictation Dictation

Increase Documentation Speed


Lab_Integrations Lab Integrations

Streamline Lab Processing


Appointment_Reminders_2 Room Manager

Optimize Patient Flow


Discover how to chart faster, work smarter, live better with Nextech’s healthcare IT solutions

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