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Less Clicks, More Care with Dermatology-engineered EMR


EMR Exclusively Architected for Dermatologists

Future-trending, dermatology-specific EMR solution enables providers to focus on pure care—with more freedom and less work

EMR Exclusively Architected For Dermatology

  • Customized, dermatology-specific workflow—it’s your way, all the way
  • Convenient cloud and mobile technology—controlled by you


  • Quick, clever and uncomplicated—the way it should be
  • Complete—comprehensive solution that covers patient care, start to end

Nextech Dermatology Designed EMR Inventory

Nextech’s Dermatology-Designed EMR Does More than Charting with Built-in Extras to Simplify and Optimize Inventory Tracking


  • Avoid low inventory with pop-up reminders to replenish low stock based on minimum on-hand quantity
  • Maximize ROI of inventory by utilizing comprehensive history of purchase orders
  • Create and track receipts for outstanding orders



Provide Exceptional Patient Care With Telehealth

Conduct secure, HIPAA compliant video chats directly from your Dermatology EMR while simultaneously documenting a patient encounter. This seamless workflow integration allows you to provide an exceptional patient care experience without any loss in productivity.

Nextech Dermatology EMR Telehealth



Anytime, Anywhere Mobile EMR Access

Nextech’s super-tech iPad application liberates dermatologists from spending more time in the office than necessary. Work from any location. Swift-swipe design enables rapid review of patient charts and prescription refills.


Dermatology Specific EMR



Optimize Documentation with Smart Stamps

Automatically pull relevant information needed for the patient – diagnosis codes, consent forms, lab forms, etc.
Smart stamps automate billing for specific findings to maximize physician efficiency
Simplify patient exams and improve charting efficiency

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EMR Lab Integration Streamlines Lab Orders and Processing

  • Quickly review lab results in patient’s medical record
  • Enhance physician efficiency and easily record pathology notes
  • Confidently link with major lab companies within Nextech EMR
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Dermatology EMR Lab Integrations

Provider Mobile App

Improve remote accessibility

The Provider App gives providers the ability to access and manage their clinical workload anytime, anywhere from the convenience of their mobile device.

Dermatology EMR iPhone Provider App

iPad-App iPad App

Agile Mobile Software


Customizable_Templates Customizable Templates

Tailored to Physician Preferences


Eprescribing ePrescribing

Seamless Prescription Transmission


Dictation Dictation

Increase Documentation Speed


Lab_Integrations Lab Integrations

Streamline Lab Processing


Appointment_Reminders_2 Room Manager

Optimize Patient Flow


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