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Ophthalmology | EHR | 24H1 OPH Strategy

By: Angela Myers
August 9th, 2023

When selecting an EHR, ophthalmology practices often hear stories about how the new system will save time and bring in patients. Yet, many practices have invested in the wrong system and never live out these success stories. In fact, one 2021 study found the wrong EHR slows down administrative work for ophthalmology practices more than not having a system at all.

Blog Feature

Specialty Solutions | Ophthalmology | EHR | IRIS Registry | 24H1 OPH Strategy

By: Angela Myers
June 30th, 2023

If you’re running an ophthalmology practice, there’s a good chance you are, or will soon be, flooded with patients. Over the past two decades, the demand for ophthalmology has grown, while the number of ophthalmologists has shrunk from 6.20 per 100,000 individuals to 5.68. To keep up with demand, your practice needs to get more patients in and out of your office while still providing excellent patient care.


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